Although Elon Musk’s mandate as owner of Twitter does not have been more than a month, Tesla’s CEO seems to be doing everything possible to be hated by the company’s workers. He not only imposed a very marked delivery date for Twitter Blue, and fired thousands of workers in recent days, but recently confirmed that the work from home has remained in the past.

Through an email for employees, which reached the hands of Bloomberg, Elon Musk has indicated that all workers must be at least 40 hours a week, that is, eight hours of Monday to Friday, at the office.

The way ahead is hard and will require intense work to succeed.

However, the option to work from home is not completely discarded, but Musk has pointed out that this will only be valid in cases where this is a need for a worker, and demonstrates that it can be efficient outside the office. Next to this, The day of rest per month, something that was implemented during the pandemic, has been eliminated.

This should not be a big surprise, since Musk has made it clear that he does not trust work from home, and even this is not possible in Tesla. As if that were not enough, The Executive said that the remaining employees will have to face the difficult times that approach on Twitter. However, he hopes that the $8 Blue Twitter dollars eventually represent half of the company’s income.

Without a doubt, A change in work culture that employees did not expect . In related issues, false accounts are already more common on Twitter. Similarly, it seems that Nintendo has retired its advertising from this platform.

Editor’s note:

While companies have begun to return to normal prior to pandemic, work from home is something that everyone assumed, it was going to be preserved. However, Musk has made it clear that this will not be the case, and now employees will have to accustom once again at this rate. Let’s only hope that more companies do not follow this example.

Way: Bloomberg