[ Moon Byung-soo] Net marble F & C (CEO SEO Woo-won) subsidiary Meta Bus World has launched the 5-5 real-time match soccer game ‘Metafootball’ through the world’s Google Play, Apple App Store, and its own PC platform. It was announced on the 11th.

Met afoot Ball is a street concept soccer game developed in Unreal 4, featuring tactics using five-to-five games, easy operation, and players with various skills.

The game was developed by the 9M Interactive’s mobile game ‘Extreme Football’, which was released in 2019. You can enjoy it alone without any other user.

Metafootball can cover the highest stronger through the real-time matching mode ‘Division’ operated by tier and ‘Arena’, which wins more rewards as you win. Blockchain-based systems are not currently supported.

Meanwhile, Metals World is a subsidiary of Net marble F & C, and is developing NFT products and meths worldviews using blockchain technology. We are operating a platform based on blockchain technology, and recently joined the Metals Standards Forum, a global council to promote the development of Metals technology.