Dot painting artist Thomas Nightmare has released an image of the 2D version of Dark Souls III, which was sold to Banzai NAMC Entertainment.

In the published image, the battle scene with the dancer in the cold valley is drawn in a very beautiful dot picture. Although the truth is not clear at the moment, according to Nightmare, this was sold to Banzai NAMC Entertainment about six years ago as the 2D metroidvanian version of Dark Souls III. Unfortunately, the project did not seem to be realized, but he decided to release it with the end of the confidentiality contract period. Even if the project has been realized, it is likely that from software was not involved.

Nightmare, a dot painting artist, has subsequently worked on metroidovanian works known for beautiful dot paintings such as The Mummy Remastered and Blasphemous. In particular, the latter has a mechanics close to the Dark Souls series, so it seems to be close to the 2D version Dado that he wanted to realize.