After a very mobility and terrifying month with the celebration of Halloween, in GTA Online the time has come to put the point of view in other activities, specifically in the different blows, since over the next few weeks you can 2,000,000 dollars , a very succulent amount to fill your paste pockets. You just have to continue reading the following guide to discover the method.

How to get 2,000,000 dollars for free with the blow event

The criminals are the main protagonists of this month, so you must get the criminal inside your interior to commit the best robberies and frauds that have been carried out in Los Santos. It will have to spend hours planning and doing robberies but in the end it will be worth it.

More than anything because all the preliminary missions of the original blows will make you receive twice dollars and reputation points. In case it was not enough, each one of the preparatory missions of the Hit of the Last Judgment will deliver 50% plus dollars and reputation points throughout the month, so do not miss the opportunity.

Of course, the cake widen will put it the final missions of each of the existing blows , because if you successfully complete all of them during the next three weeks you will take the whopping amount of $2,000,000, so that, so You spend on anything you want, so your effort will be pleasantly rewarded.

Finally, until November 9 you can alsoparticipate in the Fleece’s coup , because that will make you take twice the rewards. In addition, if you are members of GTA+ you will be glad to know that you will add the triple of dollars to all the rewards you obtain.

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