COSTAR announced on the 3rd that it will hold a new event of mobile defense RPGs, developed by Hypertrophy, and will be serviced by the company.

‘Stulcipera Davis’ is a story linked to the side story event ‘Under Pantyhose’ held in October last year.

First, until the 24th, ‘Stulcipera Davis’ event stage ‘Granary’, ‘Lost flagship’, ‘Unnamed Sea’ will be opened sequentially, and ‘gathering’ corrosive compasses ‘paid through the mission.’ You can exchange it with the item in ‘Scaly Bar’.

At the same time, the 6 ☆ specialist ‘Specter Did’ resigned to the Iberian Judge and transferred to Rods Island and transferred to Rhodes Island. A total of four new operators were released, including the 6 ☆ Medic ‘Lumen’ with the ability to unlock the status, and the new operator of the engineer, 5 ☆ supporter ‘Winslet’. The new 6 ☆ operator ‘Lumen’ can only be obtained through this ‘Study Ferry Davis’ event.

In addition, by the 17th, a limited headhunting Abyss Core will be opened, and an event that can participate in free extracts will be held once a day. During the same period, all users who connect to the game will be given a 10-year drawing ticket, Morning Lighthouse Headhunting Permit, which will be paid. In addition, a limited time attendance check event allows you to obtain abundant rewards such as ‘For Strip’ new collection, ‘pure duckjinium’ and ‘synthetic jade’.

In addition, a new furniture ‘Stool Tee Ferry Davis Intercourse’ has been released, and as a new collection of the Bloodline of Combat series, ‘Servblemation (Caddy The Curating Heart)’, Aurora’s Polar Catcher (Aurora), Corner (Noshes) and the new collections of the Zambians Inertia series, which celebrates the 2022 Mongol Ark Concert, and the Emerald Holiday (Lead), and the Card Winner (Tequila) It is sold for a limited time.

More details can be found on the official site.