Overwatch 2 may not have its single player mode yet, but what the game definitely offers are bugs . Just a few days after the return of BASSOON , which has become almost instantly Incurable , now another character joins the club not very closed of heroes so full of bugs that they had to be removed from the game For some time until errors are corrected.


Ma What are you doing here?

Blizzard recently shared a publication in the official Overwatch forums that Ma would be disabled due to a serious bug involving one of its skills in recent days, some players have taken advantage of a flaw in the ice wall Heroin, which allows it to reach normally inaccessible points during its matches, including the ranked . We can ask ourselves what impact this bug really had on balancing when we take into account the reach of the character. However, the bug abuse remains and Blizzard took the opportunity to remember that anyone caught exploring a bug can be penalized.

In addition to the failure to allow us to reach normally inaccessible locations, it is known by the community that the ma’s gelid wall often does not work correctly, allowing enemies to exceed as if there was nothing there, as exemplified in a recent video of the Priyanka content creator

official announcement of Blizzard

Therefore, it is possible that Ma returns within two weeks to Blizzard reserves the right to take longer, however, so we may have to wait just before seeing the ice machine again.