iem major rio 2022 (check out the full guide of the event) CS: GO starts next Monday, October 31, but fans of the Valve FPS can already simulate the results of the entire Challengers Stage phase through a website that automatically creates the Major’s intersections from the choices made by the community

As with what happens since League Atlanta 2017, iem major rio will be played in Swiss format. iefly, the teams are ranked in the first round by the key head system, and from the first results, teams with identical campaigns face to reach 3 wins, advancing in the CS: GO World Cup, or 3 losses, which means elimination of teams


All non-classification and non-elimination clashes, that is, when teams have not yet reached 2 wins or 2 losses at Challengers and Legends Stage, are played in the best format of a map (MD1).

Already the duels that are worth the classification to the next phase, when a team already has 2 wins, or survival in the competition, when a team already has 2 losses, are held in better series of three (MD3).

Crossings from the second round are defined by both the team’s retrospective and the weight of victory or defeat. A team that won a high key head, for example, climbs the Challengers and Legends Stage Seeds of the Major, while. On the other hand, a team that loses to a ranked team between the key heads in that same ranking of Seeds.

To simulate matches, the procedure is quite simple: just click once in the teams you believe (or cheer) that will be winners and go to the next table, repeating the procedure as intersections are mounted by the site system.

In the end, it will be possible to see not only which teams will advance from phase within the Swiss format, but also the position of each in the table. To test the system, just access this link.

About iem major rio

iem major rio will be played from October 31 to November 13, in Barry the Tijuana. The Challengers (October 31 to November 3) and Legends Stage (November 5-8) will be played at the Route Amphitheater, with the presence of the public. The Champions Stage, the final phase of the major, which will be played between November 10 and 13, will be the stage for Tennessee Arena.

The event has a total awards of $1.25 million, and the world champion of CS: Go earns the $500,000 prize.