Stanley Kubrick left us a real mterpiece of cinema in 1980. One of the best horror films in history we all know: the glow. A tape that cannot be missing in homes like the one we have tonight, since we are in full Halloween 2022, and in which two stars shone with their own light: Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, to which we carry more than 20 years without seeing on the big screen .

That is why, today we are in luck: the American actress returns to the cinema at 73 years of age . It will take place soon, at some point in 2023 and will do so through the big door, since it will be the protagonist of The Forest Hills, the new psychological horror film by Scott Goldberg , responsible for series doctors in Philadelphia and Teacher, among others.

What can we expect from The Forest Hills?

Shelley Duvall will put himself in the skin of the mother of one of the protagonists, rich (played by Chico Méndez), who fails to stop to experience terrible hallucinations shortly after suffering an accident while camping in a Forest located in the vicinity of the Mountains of Catskill, in the United States. The film, whose filming is underway and its premiere date is set for 2023 , h barely shared more details of its argument.

Scott Goldberg, director of the film, h shown his happiness because he could have Duvall, which he h admired for many years: Shelley contributed to the glow to be a mterpiece, with a performance that really reflected The fear of an isolated mother , he explains. According to his words and watching The Forest Hills’s premise, it seems that we can expect a similar role by the actress.