With each new generation of Pokémon we usually have at least two games that serve as parallels, often opposite. This is the case of Scarlet and Violet, the upcoming franchise titles that will be released very soon, as well as all previous games, from Red and Blue. In addition to exclusive creatures of each version, including the legendary cover, there may be differences as an order of gym leaders and history events, but in general both present the same experience. However, there is an inconsistency that occurs for a while and no one can explain.

Inexplicable Pokémon Facts

The wild Pokémon found on the routes of each game usually have the same level variation between one version and another , after all, regardless of the game the progression at a certain point is calculated to be equivalent… but this does not always happen-There are some titles in which creatures found on the same route are not at the same level.

For example, in Pokémon Sun the Pokémon found in the Lanka Mount region vary from levels 45 to 48 , but in Pokémon Moon, in the same region, monsters have levels ranging from 42 to 45 . At first, it may seem just a mistake that happened only in this generation, right?

In fact, there are several situations where this occurs. Even if we look at the most recent main games we can see this difference. In Pokémon Sword the creatures found on route 10 have levels ranging from 43 to 46, while in Shield the variation is 44 to 49.

An error of programmers or purposeful difference?


The subject became a topic of discussion on Reddit, a network of forums in which many franchise fans not only raised other Pokémon games in which this happens, but also theories to try to explain the inconsistency . Some believe that a game is developed first and then slightly changed to generate the other version and any change made in the way at points such as level balancing ends up beaten by the developers.

Another theory involves the level of evolution of species that appear in different games, albeit on the same route, and perhaps even the fact that some of these Pokémon learn powerful blows in one title and not the other, which could also justify the discrepancy. Some netizens suggest that the difference exists to balance the amount of experience granted by defeating wild Pokémon, as each species offers a different amount.

A user even remembered a situation where this difference has affected a YouTuber specializing in Pokémon challenges . On Route 48 in Soul Silver you can’t find Farfetch’d at level 25, where he would know Swords Dance. But that could happen in Heart Gold, says Internet the Dedungeoncrawler. For some reason this is not very well documented in Serbia, although it is right in Bulbapedia, which adjusted the table after Flying tried to make a Locke Challenge with Soil Silver only and could not use Sketch to copy Swords Dance on their own from this small difference.

In the end, there is no accurate explanation for this phenomenon until a Game Freak developer manifests itself. We have to wait to see if in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet the community will also notice a discrepancy of Pokémon levels for each game. It is worth reinforcing that the new franchise games will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch and here at MGG azil You can now check out all the news we discovered after the last wave of previews.