The horror game, which had stopped for 10 years without new development, has finally resurrected. Silent Hill returned with four new works.

On the 20th, INAMI held a special broadcast named Silent Hill Transmission. Silent Hill Series producer Nakamoto Motor appeared in person and introduced new works, including Silent Hill 2 remake, four new works including Silent Hill Town Pole, Silent Hill F, and Silent Hill Ascension.


The first game that was released was Silent Hill 2 remake, which continued to be rumored. Although it was released without any introduction in the event, the main character james sunderland appeared in the same mirror as the original, and fans could notice that this game was the remake of Silent Hill 2 at first sight. It’s a short three-minute short video, but you can also see famous enemies such as Red Pyramids, which are famous for the triangle. The graphics and the description of the characters are not comparable to the original.

This work is produced by the Blubber Team, which developed Layers of Pier and Medium. In the original, Akira Yamaha, who played the game music of the art director, Mahavira Ito, who designed several creatures, also participated. According to Nakamoto Producer explanation, it has been three years since the game was started. The game will be released with PC5 as exclusive PS5, and the release date is still undecided.

The next game is Silent Hill town Paul. Annapurna Interactive, famous for its legacy and outer wild, is a new work with no code that developed observational and storyteller. The short teaser video of a minute consists of an unknown message and a bizarre scene from a portable winner. A detailed description of this work will be released next year.

The next game is ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’, which is a real-time interactive game. Several people can enjoy the story together, change the ending or participate in the scene. In fact, in the video released together, there are scenes where many people exchange opinions through messages, and when the creature appears, it is assumed that a survival genre such as Dead By Daylight is also fused. It is serviced in the form of live and will be released in 2023 as a game without a reset button.

Lastly, the work released was ‘Silent Hill F’ in Japan in the 1960s. Dragon Knight 07, who wrote Tsunami UL enemies, participated as an artist. The video released together creates a mysterious and horrible atmosphere through a fog-covered village, a girl who runs away, and Serkan (Piranha) that holds it. At the end, flowers and face leather grew up all over the body of a girl are peeled off and empty, and boasts a shocking visual that goes beyond the previous Silent Hill series. The detailed government, such as the release date, will be released later.

In addition, detailed information on the movie ‘Return to Silent Hill’ was also released. This film is the sequel to Christophe King’s first Silent Hill film. The story tells the story of a young man who returns to Silent Hill as the title says, ‘How far can human beings sacrifice for loved ones?’ Christophe director said he had a deep story with the original developer to pay for the original work. The storyboard and Cont are currently completed, and casting is in progress.