Rowlocks announced on the 19th that it signed a partnership with the International Football Federation (FIFA) and provides free play opportunities for the virtual environment, FIFA World.

FIFA will work with Rowlocks to provide interesting and new online immersive experiences for football fans. Soccer fans are suitable for social spaces, rewarded through various skill games and various items’ collection missions, and can be obtained exclusive virtual items.


In addition to the interesting in-game event at the FIFA World, it will also showcase video content produced by FIFA’s official streaming service FIFA+. Here, Spanish football star Pedro and German football icon Lena Overdose appear. The FIFA World, which was released with its partnership, will continue to apply and update in line with the top tier tournament of the FIFA, including the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

This partnership is part of an effort to grow the sport of soccer and create a way for new fans to participate in football, said FIFA Loki GU. It will celebrate the various cultures and heritage of the world’s largest sports competition, and will provide a different and enjoyable experience that can show creativity and national pride through various functions and technologies.

I think it’s a unique experience that people around the world gather together to explore and enjoy events in reality, said Rowlocks Cristina, vice president of Global Partnership. Through FIFA World, fans gather together to interact with each other’s fandoms. We can participate in the best FIFA’s best sports competition all year round and cheering for your favorite team.