After a small drought in regard to introducing new characters, and never better, Valorant prepares for Harbor’s arrival. The Riot Games tactical shooter receives a new agent that will become a very strong and ** quite powerful mechanics. And several mechanics that will differentiate it from the rest of the agents from this role.

Harbor release date and time

The new Turkish origin agent will join Valorant with the premiere of Act 3 corresponding to episode 5 . The Riot Games cycle change is scheduled for the next patch that will reach the game. There may always be last-minute unforeseen events, but it seems that developers have it well tied, having announced that it will be incorporated into the game on October 18, normally, the patches arrive at the first hour of the morning, taking advantage of the morning for introduce changes to servers and reset the qualifying games.

In summary accounts and except for change of plans, Harbor will premiere on the day October 18 in the morning along with the update.

How to get Harbor?

In this aspect Riot has not varied much its roadmap. As with many other agents, to have Harbored available you will have to meet the same requirements that Riot. Therefore, we have two options to get it:

Select your contract and start playing games until you raise five levels of the agent
Buy it in the store at the time of its departure for
1,000 Valorant Points (approximately 10 euros). **

In this way of having Harbor we do not include buying the battle pass. Buying it you will receive an experience of experience once you have it, ** In addition to adding a radiant that will be valuable to improve weapons. In groups and you will have better than alone.

As for the most recommended mode, it is Spike fever, although there is not so much difference in terms of experience obtained. It can be a somewhat tedious process, although it will surely be worth being one of the first to have the Indian character of Valorant.