The last alignment of heroes in Overwatch 2 allows players to try techniques never seen in several game modes. However, since these members are relatively new, it may be difficult to get used to them in the initial stages. To help with this feat, here is a guide of characters in Sojourn including information about your weapon, skills, strategies, counters and synergies.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn rail cannon

Rail gun de Sojourn has two characteristics: fast fire and high impact shots. For PC users, you can click on the left mouse button to start a burst of projectiles, which can end the enemies at high speed. Then, once the players have accumulated sufficient energy from the deaths, they can launch the high-impact shot by clicking with the right mouse button.

Overwatch 2 stay skills

As an Overwatch 2 attack hero, it is not surprising that Sojourn’s skills are mainly offensive, mainly because two of his abilities cause immense damage.

Power button *-A landslide on the ground that can be canceled to produce a height jump.
Disrupting shot -launches a burst of energy that catches and inflicts damage into its radius.
Last: Overclocking -The Sojourn Rail gun will use its energy to produce penetrating bullets against the enemy.

The Power Slide can be useful when there are several opponents around you, which makes it easier to avoid their attacks. Then, players can inflict even more damage with disruptor Shot and, at the same time, slow them down in the process.

When your maximum ability is available, the Sojourn weapon will be dominated for a brief period, which will allow you to eliminate enemies instantly. Players can also use the passive talent of the hero of greater movement and recharge speed after successfully killing members of the opposing team.

Overwatch 2 stay strategies

If you are an avid player of the Overwatch series, you will know that enemies can quickly kill Attack heroes due to their lower health. With this in mind, here are some tips and tricks that players can use:

  • Use your power slide as much as possible when the ability is available because you will need to keep your health to survive the party.
  • Cancel the power slide to throw a high jump, which can help avoid enemy attacks and shoot the opposite team while in the air.
  • Try to maintain a balance between firing from distance and being on the front line. Sometimes you can get an easy death even if the enemy is reasonably far away, but there are times when you can be in the brush of the battle whenever there is another teammate (preferably a tank) present.
  • Take into account your high impact shots meter in the lower right corner because this function will be activated once you have accumulated enough deaths.
  • Make the definitive attack of Sojourn when there is a large group of enemies nearby. Overclock can eliminate enemies in an instant, so it is possible to end the team during this short period of time.
  • Attack the barriers of the tanks with the rail cannon using fast fire or loaded ability.

Stances and synergies

Sojourn works exceptionally well with tanks such as Zara, Junker Queen and Reinhardt, since they can protect you from enemy projectiles. For example, Zara’s projected barriers can defend the hero, while Junker Queen’s shout can replenish health when the character is close to her. In addition to the defensive strategies of the tank, they can increase the damage against the enemy when combined with the Sojourn rail cannon.

Overwatch 2 healers are also excellent teammates with Sojourn to remedy their low health, such as Lucio, Moira and Kirk. However, you can also match it with other heroes of Attack, including Tracer and Ma, but you will still need to have at least one character with healing skills.

On the contrary, Tanks and Attack heroes have the power to instantly kill Sojourn, especially those with short-range attacks and flight skills. For example, Pharaoh’s Jump can make it harder to attack her while she is in the air. In addition, characters like Road hog and Reaper can be difficult to tear down when playing as sojourn.

Hopefully, this Overwatch Sta dance Character Guide 2 has helped you better understand the hero. To get more content about the game, you can check the relevant links below and see our guide on Kirk.

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