The fever for the movie of Super Mario Bros _. It is at everything that gives right now. One of the greatest wishes of fans is to listen to Chris Pratt as the famous plumber, something that we will finally know in just a couple of hours. However, for the moment there are also many doubts about dubbing. Although for the moment we have no official information, there is a Mexican actor who is totally willing to take the role of Bowler .

Recently, it was the birthday of the actor Joaquín Casio, who has participated in films such as el Hell. In this way, a fan not only congratulated the Cochiloco manager, but he took this opportunity to ask if he would be willing to give Bowler voice in the dubbing of Super Mario Bros. To the surprise of many, Casio said he would love him, but this decision is not in his hands.


Considering that the movie of Super Mario Bros. It has the talent of Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Charlie Day and more renowned actors, It will be interesting to see who will be chosen for the dubbing in Spanish . Maybe together with Casio we could listen to Eugenio Derby or some famous YouTuber.

The movie of Super Mario Bros. It will arrive at theaters on April 7, 2023 . We remind you that the first trailer of this movie will be released today, and here you can see the present presentation.

Editor’s note:

Joaquín Casio has already proven to have a good career in the world of dubbing, and recite me was responsible for giving life to Wolverine in a special Marvel project, so adding Bowler in his repertoire would be something incredible.