Introducing indie game news that had a response in a week! GAME*Spark’s indie game-related articles will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period of September 23, 2022-September 29, 2022 .

GAME*SPARK Indie Game News Ranking!

9th place Flying Pigs traveling with pigs traveling with the primitive age open world ADV Baku: Ancient SEAL WORLD PC/PS5/PS4 scheduled to be released in 2023: 47 Pt.

At the end of September, the demonstration version was released in line with the Steam NEFT Festival.



8th place The model of Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher appear in the Model Builder Model Builder soon? 50 pt.

Developer MOONLIT has announced a collaboration with CD Project Red.


Test the human body as you can think 7th! 2D physical sim REGULAR HUMAN WORKSHOP distribution started: 68 pt.

A little gross attention!


Sixth place DOME KEEPER DOME KEEPER is now available to dig into the ground and protect the ground! 68 pt.

Repel the aliens attacking the dome.


5th place Adventure game BEACON PINES is now available for adventure of cute kimonos! 72 pt.

Rewrite the past and change the development of the story.


4th place Samurai Punk’s blow-to-hit killing Chandra ACT Die by the Blade distribution date! 82 pt.

There is no health bar and mistakes are not allowed.


3rd place Japanese supporting new life sim HOK KO LIFE is now available! Slow life in the city of animals: 129 pt.

Craft furniture, design clothes, build a house.


2nd place Retro-style FPS PROTEUS built with modern technology, official release! 136 pt.

Let’s jump into a bloody and flesh.


First place popular cosplayer Atari Miyamoto I tried playing indie games recommended! Forestopia, Grid Force, God Box [TGS2022]: 248 Pt.

Gravity Game Alive Featured New 3 works trial repo


The second place this week is The official release of the retro style FPS PROTEUS built with modern technology! **. It is the release of PROTEUS that makes you think I wanted to play this! Or I played like this! Why don’t you go back to the nostalgic era?

The second place was Popular cosplayer Atari Miyamoto recommended indie game! Forestopia, Grid Force, God Box [TGS2022] . Please check out the three recommended works by Atari Miyamoto!