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20 years later, Shelley Duvall (El Gestandor) returns to horror movies in The Forest Hills

Stanley Kubrick left us a real mterpiece of cinema in 1980. One of the best horror films in history we all know: the glow. A tape that cannot be missing in homes like the one we have tonight, since we are in full Halloween 2022, and in which two stars shone with their own light: Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, to which we carry more than 20 years without seeing on the big screen .

That is why, today we are in luck: the American actress returns to the cinema at 73 years of age . It will take place soon, at some point in 2023 and will do so through the big door, since it will be the protagonist of The Forest Hills, the new psychological horror film by Scott Goldberg , responsible for series doctors in Philadelphia and Teacher, among others.

What can we expect from The Forest Hills?

Shelley Duvall will put himself in the skin of the mother of one of the protagonists, rich (played by Chico Méndez), who fails to stop to experience terrible hallucinations shortly after suffering an accident while camping in a Forest located in the vicinity of the Mountains of Catskill, in the United States. The film, whose filming is underway and its premiere date is set for 2023 , h barely shared more details of its argument.

Scott Goldberg, director of the film, h shown his happiness because he could have Duvall, which he h admired for many years: Shelley contributed to the glow to be a mterpiece, with a performance that really reflected The fear of an isolated mother , he explains. According to his words and watching The Forest Hills’s premise, it seems that we can expect a similar role by the actress.

Iem Major Rio: Website allows fans to simulate games and intersections

iem major rio 2022 (check out the full guide of the event) CS: GO starts next Monday, October 31, but fans of the Valve FPS can already simulate the results of the entire Challengers Stage phase through a website that automatically creates the Major’s intersections from the choices made by the community

As with what happens since League Atlanta 2017, iem major rio will be played in Swiss format. iefly, the teams are ranked in the first round by the key head system, and from the first results, teams with identical campaigns face to reach 3 wins, advancing in the CS: GO World Cup, or 3 losses, which means elimination of teams


All non-classification and non-elimination clashes, that is, when teams have not yet reached 2 wins or 2 losses at Challengers and Legends Stage, are played in the best format of a map (MD1).

Already the duels that are worth the classification to the next phase, when a team already has 2 wins, or survival in the competition, when a team already has 2 losses, are held in better series of three (MD3).

Crossings from the second round are defined by both the team’s retrospective and the weight of victory or defeat. A team that won a high key head, for example, climbs the Challengers and Legends Stage Seeds of the Major, while. On the other hand, a team that loses to a ranked team between the key heads in that same ranking of Seeds.

To simulate matches, the procedure is quite simple: just click once in the teams you believe (or cheer) that will be winners and go to the next table, repeating the procedure as intersections are mounted by the site system.

In the end, it will be possible to see not only which teams will advance from phase within the Swiss format, but also the position of each in the table. To test the system, just access this link.

About iem major rio

iem major rio will be played from October 31 to November 13, in Barry the Tijuana. The Challengers (October 31 to November 3) and Legends Stage (November 5-8) will be played at the Route Amphitheater, with the presence of the public. The Champions Stage, the final phase of the major, which will be played between November 10 and 13, will be the stage for Tennessee Arena.

The event has a total awards of $1.25 million, and the world champion of CS: Go earns the $500,000 prize.

The strange inconsistency in Pokemon games that no one can explain

With each new generation of Pokémon we usually have at least two games that serve as parallels, often opposite. This is the case of Scarlet and Violet, the upcoming franchise titles that will be released very soon, as well as all previous games, from Red and Blue. In addition to exclusive creatures of each version, including the legendary cover, there may be differences as an order of gym leaders and history events, but in general both present the same experience. However, there is an inconsistency that occurs for a while and no one can explain.

Inexplicable Pokémon Facts

The wild Pokémon found on the routes of each game usually have the same level variation between one version and another , after all, regardless of the game the progression at a certain point is calculated to be equivalent… but this does not always happen-There are some titles in which creatures found on the same route are not at the same level.

For example, in Pokémon Sun the Pokémon found in the Lanka Mount region vary from levels 45 to 48 , but in Pokémon Moon, in the same region, monsters have levels ranging from 42 to 45 . At first, it may seem just a mistake that happened only in this generation, right?

In fact, there are several situations where this occurs. Even if we look at the most recent main games we can see this difference. In Pokémon Sword the creatures found on route 10 have levels ranging from 43 to 46, while in Shield the variation is 44 to 49.

An error of programmers or purposeful difference?


The subject became a topic of discussion on Reddit, a network of forums in which many franchise fans not only raised other Pokémon games in which this happens, but also theories to try to explain the inconsistency . Some believe that a game is developed first and then slightly changed to generate the other version and any change made in the way at points such as level balancing ends up beaten by the developers.

Another theory involves the level of evolution of species that appear in different games, albeit on the same route, and perhaps even the fact that some of these Pokémon learn powerful blows in one title and not the other, which could also justify the discrepancy. Some netizens suggest that the difference exists to balance the amount of experience granted by defeating wild Pokémon, as each species offers a different amount.

A user even remembered a situation where this difference has affected a YouTuber specializing in Pokémon challenges . On Route 48 in Soul Silver you can’t find Farfetch’d at level 25, where he would know Swords Dance. But that could happen in Heart Gold, says Internet the Dedungeoncrawler. For some reason this is not very well documented in Serbia, although it is right in Bulbapedia, which adjusted the table after Flying tried to make a Locke Challenge with Soil Silver only and could not use Sketch to copy Swords Dance on their own from this small difference.

In the end, there is no accurate explanation for this phenomenon until a Game Freak developer manifests itself. We have to wait to see if in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet the community will also notice a discrepancy of Pokémon levels for each game. It is worth reinforcing that the new franchise games will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch and here at MGG azil You can now check out all the news we discovered after the last wave of previews.

Brose Bamberg wirft Topscorer Wright

Discuss an agreement termination with Wright-Foreman are currently running. Broke Bamberg already wishes him all the very best for the future, claimed the site.

The train was currently taking a wild action on Saturday, due to the fact that top marker Justin Wright-Foreman, that formerly took an average of 15.4 factors per video game, was put on hold. Sometimes as a trainer you need to make decisions that may not seem reasonable for outsiders. They are correct, because they are in the interests of the team, Ariel is priced quote on the Bamberg site.

As well as further: In our existing scenario, it is regarding locating ourselves as soon as possible. I am still convinced that we have a good group.


Throughout the week, Bamberg lost to a club from Kosovo in the FIFA Europe Cup, and also on Friday the 5th loss in the Bundesliga adhered to against Hamburg in the 5th video game. Size can be seen in tough minutes, claimed Coach Open Ariel after bankruptcy.

APEX LEGENDS active professionals report a terrible Predator hunting in a video. A lot of mob, a professional who can only laugh

In Apex Legends , a video of one player is posted abnormally from many enemies, and is attracting attention. The cause of many enemies was that the contributor was too good.


APEX LEGENDS is an online FPS handled by Resown Entertainment. In the main battle royal mode, one to three units participate in the match. Down from the drop-ship crossing the map and aim for a champion. In Battle Royal Mode, in addition to casual matches, rank matches are also available. The top 750 players are given the title of Predator, the highest rank.

A large group of approaching

This time, a tragedy that has fallen into such a predator is attracting the attention of overseas users. The tragedy was hit by WALTZ, a member of the e-sports team Moist Esports. He posted a short video on his Twitter on October 28. It tells the abnormal situation that developed immediately after the match started.

The video contains a play video at a casual match. WALTZ’s legend is Valkyrie. The video starts in the middle of the drop-ship. His unit seems to be aiming for a barometer in the map. And there are other units aiming for the area. When he checks behind himself, many other units can be confirmed. However, if he changed the trajectory while saying, Look, a countless enemy may have followed him. The direction of travel was not the same, and the enemy players were clearly chasing him. If you think that each one is aiming for it, it’s a very scary sight.

WALTZ, on the other hand, has shown a fun reaction with a surprise number of trackers. In addition, he decided to count their numbers and dared to land in a flat water area. The following followers also landed one after another. Counting from the same image, you can see at least 13 people who are approaching. About four units are aiming for one of them.

The trackers are trying to attack WALTZ with bare hands, as the water areas have not dropped items such as weapons. The assassin who relentlessly aims at him while also making full use of the abilities such as the knuckle cluster of fuse. He failed while escaping, aiming for a technique to fire missile swarms behind him, aiming to join his friends. It seems that the enemy missile that attacked badly hit and down.

Why was WALTZ being targeted by many people? In the video, there is a scene where WALTZ mentions that trackers are pred-punching. These enemies were gathering with pred-punching, that is, the aim of hitting Predator rank players early in matches.

As mentioned earlier, WALTZ can confirm that the current rank is a predator from active professional players and latest distribution. On the other hand, in this work, there is basically no way to check the enemy’s player name during a match. In some cases, the kill log may be able to guess to some extent, but this time there was a flood of players who aimed at him immediately after the match started. Why did he get rid of it as a predator?

Disadvantages of dive orbital

This is related to the decorative item called Dive Orbit. At the end of the previous season, the dive trajectory was presented to the player who had reached a rank higher than the diamond. By setting it in the main menu, it is applied to the descent from the drop-ship, and the boost injection changes to a special effect. And since the effects are different according to the last season of the previous season, the device of the equipment of the equipment can be determined to some extent from the dive orbit. The dive trajectory can only be used in the presented season, except for some exceptions. As a result, dive orbital equipment has been doing a certain level of success in the previous season’s rank match.

And in this video, WALTZ’s dive orbit has a reddish effect, indicating that it is equipped with a predator dive orbit. The trackers were gathering from the dive track by judging him as a predator for the previous season. Neither of the players will be the fouled players who will defeat them before the equipment is prepared.

WALTZ’s clip is quoted by influencer Jake Lucky, which is also attracting attention from many users. In addition, Lucky’s tweet introduces the clips that another user who had similar damage was posted in August. Here too, you can see how many players are called by the Predator dive orbit, and after landing, they become bloody and chase. In the past, there were cases of Pred-Punching or Predator hunting.

Discussion related to Predator hunting

From the reaction of the above-mentioned predator hunting victims, countless players are enjoying an unusual sight approaching. On the other hand, some users are dissatisfied with the fact that Predator hunting is rampant. In the past, the overseas bulletin board Reddit has posted a thread in the past asking for a predator hunting. The contributor mentions that it is a disadvantage to equip a dive orbit. He states that it is very difficult to enjoy a game that is targeted by multiple teams and is defeated by punches and ends more than half a match within 5 seconds.

On the other hand, there are some users in the thread who regard early predator hunting as a strategy. It states that if a fierce person with a predator trajectory is equipped with equipment, a general player will have a weaker victory. Some users say to players who are hunting for Predator, there are only two options to wait for Predator to be killed or go crazy to aim for the first movement. Predator tracks are likely to survive until the end of the match. If you miss the fierce person in the first move, there is a high possibility that your opponent will eventually be perfect. Therefore, if you increase the winning percentage of the fierce, you will have to choose a battle in nature and the first movement.

In addition, there are several opinions in the thread that it is not equipped with a dive orbital to avoid predator hunting in the first place. There will be a reality that it will be dangerous if you are equipped with a predator trajectory.

Not only the predator but also the dive orbital is an item that shows a certain skill. Dive orbitals may call the enemy, albeit not as much as the Predator trajectory. On the other hand, some users may want to continue using the dive track that they have worked hard during the season. In the current situation where predator hunting occurs, for example, it may be necessary to have options that can boast dive orbitals only for allies.

By the way, before this post, WALTZ posted a clip that rejected the players aiming for predator hunting. With an active professional player, the parallel to repel the thugs one after another is vivid. At least he seems to be enjoying a fierce fight with the enthusiastic players, including posts overwhelmed by numbers of violence. Some fierce people may find more fun than decorative items in the dive orbit.

RTA runners look like this on the NPC. Open world RPG created by one developer with obsession. High -quality Silent Hill cosplay special feature [Weekly Spa Ran 10/21 ~]

From October 21, 2022 (Monday) to October 27, 2022 (Sun), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spain . It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-Open World RPG and other developers created by one developer [3 selections of this week]

The corner of the Core Gamers should not miss it! Three specials of indies for this week, which picks up three indie titles that are often overlooked.

This week, we will introduce three huge open world RPG BEGONIA by personal developers, Scorn, which was finally released after eight years, and three basic play treasure hunting RPG TORCHLIGHT: INFINITE. Doing. The play report of each work is also posted, so if you are interested, please see from the title link.

Open world RPG Begonia, which was created by one developer who lost his sanity, finally official release [3 indie selections this week]

4th place-Silent Hill series New & remake announcement commemorative cosplay special feature

On October 20, INAMI Digital Entertainment announced new information on the future development of the Silent Hill series on the distribution program Silent Hill Transmission.

In the distribution, the remake of the series, Silent Hill F, which is in charge of the story of Hiroshi no Bakugo, and Silent Hill 2, which boasts overwhelming popularity, the participants are involved in stories. The real-time live interactive series Silent Hill: ASCENSION and Silent Hill, a new movie ReturnTOSILENT HILL, have been announced.

In commemoration of the announcement, this paper is delivered a special feature on the series. There are many high-quality cosplay from bubble head nurse and lobby on the triangular head.

Silent Hill New work, remake, movie… anniversary commemoration! Cosplay summary to the bubble head nurse on the triangular head, the lobby

3rd place-OW2 and Kirk menu BGM is the first place on the Viral Chart of Spotify

The sequel to the action shooting game, Overwatch 2, which has been distributed on October 4, 2022, has become a hot topic around the world.

This is the menu screen of this work, the Japanese rap BOW of the MFS flowing with Kirk. This song was released on July 24, 2020, but starting with the adoption in Overwatch 2, the first place in the viral chart of the music streaming service Spotify, the first place in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Is ranked in.

In addition, I Really Want to Stay at Your House is ranked 2nd in the global and the first place in Japan from the soundtrack of Cyberpunk 2077. This is also a song that plays in the moon scene in the anime Cyber Punk Edge Manners, and the popularity of the work is high.

Licking and licking in Overwatch 2 is a topic around the world-first place on the SPOTIFY viral chart

2nd place-Platinum Games has published a statement about the voice actor issue of the English version of Bayonet ta 3

Platinum Games supports Jennifer Hale, a new English voice actor in Bayonet ta, in the problem of Bayonet ta’s English voice actors in Bayonet ta 3, which has been a hot topic since the other day. The text of doing it has been released on the official Twitter account.

In Bayonet ta 3, Helena Taylor, an old English version of Helena Taylor, has called for boycott, and the reason for the rewards and royalties presented by the Platinum Games is that Taylor. It was reported that the testimony with Platinum Games was different. In addition, Jennifer Hale has issued a statement that I hope to solve a good problem. increase.

The text states that I would like to support Jennifer Hale, who plays Bayonet ta, and I want you to refrain from acting to hurt him and other collaborators. The side shows a position and is in conflict with Taylor’s claim.

Supporting the position and claim of a new voice actor… Platinum Games publishes a statement about the English version of the Bayonet ta 3 English.

1st place-RTA runners look like this in NPC

Overseas video posting team VIVA LA DIRT LEAGUE’s video How Speed Runners Look to NPC’S has been played about 2.6 million times on YouTube.

The content of the video is an event in a village in a fantasy game world, and the protagonist is NPC merchant. As usual, when the player is greeted, the merchant’s conversation is skipped with angry momentum, and he has a confused expression.

That should be it, this player is a so-called RTA runner and is bombing with the aim of shortening time. After that, the player is trading in a blink of an eye, clearly flying into the sky, and running around the world, running around the world, is drawn from the merchant’s perspective. After finishing running, she seemed to say there is when she asked for a sub-school.

In other videos on the channel, there are many other videos that have been gathered about 25 million views and Gerald that have been recruited in the final yen of PUBG, and Gerto-related works are posted. If you are, why not take a look?

Break the world view! The video that RTA runners can be seen in the NPC is excellent

The most read this week T… skip!

Announced the free games with Gold of November 2022 for Xbox Series X

The BOS division reveals the game couple that will be linked to the Games with Gold promotion in November 2022 . All users of xbox live gold or Xbox Game Ps Ultimate subscriptions can add those mentioned below without additional cost. Once the exchange will remain in your digital library, and you can play them while you are a member of them. Those chosen at the doors of the nougat are Praetorian: HD Remter and Dead End Job.

Dates and platforms for free games with November 2022


HD Remter Praetorian’s *-Available from November 1 to 30 for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One
Dead End Job *-Available between November 16 and December 15 for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Many veteran users will know the name of Praetors. The clsic strategy on PC ** returned the lt 2020 to Primer Plan with a remtering that included consoles. His battles throughout Egypt, Italy and Gaul formed a campaign of more than 20 missions, all controlling your own army in search of victory.

We must remind you that since this October Xbox reduced the number of games offered monthly in this promotion. The reon w to have reached the limit of the company’s capacity to include games registered in the Xbox 360 retrocompatibility program.

You still have the opportunity to get the two chosen in October. Wind bound will be available for your exchange until October 31, while Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition will extend its permanence a couple of weeks further, until November 15. Microsoft puts the focus on Game Ps the main focus to renew the catalog of its users.

Resurrected Silent Hill, Part 2 Limake and 3 New works released

The horror game, which had stopped for 10 years without new development, has finally resurrected. Silent Hill returned with four new works.

On the 20th, INAMI held a special broadcast named Silent Hill Transmission. Silent Hill Series producer Nakamoto Motor appeared in person and introduced new works, including Silent Hill 2 remake, four new works including Silent Hill Town Pole, Silent Hill F, and Silent Hill Ascension.


The first game that was released was Silent Hill 2 remake, which continued to be rumored. Although it was released without any introduction in the event, the main character james sunderland appeared in the same mirror as the original, and fans could notice that this game was the remake of Silent Hill 2 at first sight. It’s a short three-minute short video, but you can also see famous enemies such as Red Pyramids, which are famous for the triangle. The graphics and the description of the characters are not comparable to the original.

This work is produced by the Blubber Team, which developed Layers of Pier and Medium. In the original, Akira Yamaha, who played the game music of the art director, Mahavira Ito, who designed several creatures, also participated. According to Nakamoto Producer explanation, it has been three years since the game was started. The game will be released with PC5 as exclusive PS5, and the release date is still undecided.

The next game is Silent Hill town Paul. Annapurna Interactive, famous for its legacy and outer wild, is a new work with no code that developed observational and storyteller. The short teaser video of a minute consists of an unknown message and a bizarre scene from a portable winner. A detailed description of this work will be released next year.

The next game is ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’, which is a real-time interactive game. Several people can enjoy the story together, change the ending or participate in the scene. In fact, in the video released together, there are scenes where many people exchange opinions through messages, and when the creature appears, it is assumed that a survival genre such as Dead By Daylight is also fused. It is serviced in the form of live and will be released in 2023 as a game without a reset button.

Lastly, the work released was ‘Silent Hill F’ in Japan in the 1960s. Dragon Knight 07, who wrote Tsunami UL enemies, participated as an artist. The video released together creates a mysterious and horrible atmosphere through a fog-covered village, a girl who runs away, and Serkan (Piranha) that holds it. At the end, flowers and face leather grew up all over the body of a girl are peeled off and empty, and boasts a shocking visual that goes beyond the previous Silent Hill series. The detailed government, such as the release date, will be released later.

In addition, detailed information on the movie ‘Return to Silent Hill’ was also released. This film is the sequel to Christophe King’s first Silent Hill film. The story tells the story of a young man who returns to Silent Hill as the title says, ‘How far can human beings sacrifice for loved ones?’ Christophe director said he had a deep story with the original developer to pay for the original work. The storyboard and Cont are currently completed, and casting is in progress.

UK charts: PS5 at the top in September

In a current tweet, quickly pointed out that all 3 consoles have been able to expand in the past few months. The Xbox Series X specifically gained from new deliveries in September. Without offering accurate figures, urgently specified that PlayStation 5 protected the top of the British hardware graphs last month, similar to in August.

According to Dorian Bloch, the head of JFK Chart-Track, a brand-new record would certainly have been for PlayStation 5. However, the delivery traffic jams stopped the PlayStation 5, like the Xbox Series X, for a very long time that the brand name of two million devices marketed in Wonderful Britain was achieved much faster.

The PlayStation 5 lately reached the next milestone in Great Britain as well as offered more than 2 million times. On the island, Sony’s existing console for this turning point required simply 98 months. Just the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 2 as well as Nintendo’s Wii marketed faster in Great Britain.

September was a truly solid month for console sales. All 3 consoles tape-recorded a sales jump throughout the UK The supply of the Xbox Series X experienced a solid drive. The PlayStation 5 took top place. I listen to similar reports from various other markets, says penetrating.

At regular intervals, Christopher urgently offers us with with interesting statistics as well as numbers for the British console market.


PS5 lately got to the following landmark in UK.

More reports on the subject :

According to unconfirmed, the distribution traffic jams of PlayStation 5 in the 2023/2024 (April 1, 2023-March 31, 2024) can finally involve an end, considering that Sony or Sony Interactive Enjoyment would love to supply 30 million consoles in the upcoming. A minimum of this was reported by the popular industrial expert Tom Henderson.

More records on UK charts.
| PS5: 30 million consoles and stopping the existing designs in 23/24? | UK charts: PS5 controls in August as well as secures the title of the best-selling console of the year | PS5: Getting over the following turning point ** in Great Britain

In a present tweet, urgently pointed out that all 3 consoles have actually been able to grow in the previous few months. September was a really solid month for console sales. On the island, Sony’s current console for this milestone required simply 98 months. Only the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s Wii offered much faster in Great Britain.

Robblox-FIFA Partnership Partnership… Virtual environment FIFA World disclosure

Rowlocks announced on the 19th that it signed a partnership with the International Football Federation (FIFA) and provides free play opportunities for the virtual environment, FIFA World.

FIFA will work with Rowlocks to provide interesting and new online immersive experiences for football fans. Soccer fans are suitable for social spaces, rewarded through various skill games and various items’ collection missions, and can be obtained exclusive virtual items.


In addition to the interesting in-game event at the FIFA World, it will also showcase video content produced by FIFA’s official streaming service FIFA+. Here, Spanish football star Pedro and German football icon Lena Overdose appear. The FIFA World, which was released with its partnership, will continue to apply and update in line with the top tier tournament of the FIFA, including the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

This partnership is part of an effort to grow the sport of soccer and create a way for new fans to participate in football, said FIFA Loki GU. It will celebrate the various cultures and heritage of the world’s largest sports competition, and will provide a different and enjoyable experience that can show creativity and national pride through various functions and technologies.

I think it’s a unique experience that people around the world gather together to explore and enjoy events in reality, said Rowlocks Cristina, vice president of Global Partnership. Through FIFA World, fans gather together to interact with each other’s fandoms. We can participate in the best FIFA’s best sports competition all year round and cheering for your favorite team.

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