Lost Ark has several elements of the game that help players get many awards and skills. One of these elements is world bosses. One of the most difficult world bosses you can meet is Grande salt A huge robot, which can be found on ACNielsen Island as shown below red. Being one of the most difficult, you will need to have an object level of at least 1040 before fighting it. This makes SOL Grande an excellent choice for players fighting level 2 in the game.

You will also need to find this boss on your game calendar when you want to fight to track it. Since this island is also adventure island you will need to make sure that it is open in accordance with Portion Compass schedule. This will be the best way to track with what world bosses you fought and what else have remained.


How to win the world boss Sol Grande in Lost Ark

Sol Grande has several attacks with which players should be careful. We listed them lower than:

Air blow *
* Sol Grande will begin to rotate in a circle and launch rockets. If you pay attention to where the rockets land, you can dodge them.
Earth and pound
* Sol Grande will beat with his hands on the ground and attack anyone who faces him. It will be best switched to the back side here.
* Sol Grande will burst right into the red rectangle in front of you. Just stay away so as not to get hurt.
Side blow *
* The boss will slap with both hands and leave the explosive areas of prints. There are two areas that you need to follow, so just stay away during this attack to avoid double damage.
* Sol Grande will choose a random player and throw a bomb into it. Players just need to follow where the bomb goes to dodge it.
* The boss will attack 360 degrees and twist.

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