The nordic narrative adventure game offers strict choices in occupied Denmark.

Danish game studios have been profiled as a maker of small but interesting publications. Inside and Lisbon-like games are now over folded with a narrative adventure game GERDA: A Flame in Winter. For the first time, the publisher of Life is Strange, who is familiar with his wings, has been found as publisher.

Kitty is Nazis!

Partisan wax

In the early stages of World War II, Denmark was captured in six hours. The occupation was remarkably non-violent, at least compared to Nazis in Eastern Europe. However, not everyone was happy with the new hosts, as the partisan’s activities produced gray hair for occupiers.

The protagonist German’s life in the village of Tingle near the German border is radically changing as Gestapo drags her husband Andes to be questioned. Andes is entangled in partisan activities, so German is responsible for finding the means to release.

German’s nationality is enhanced by German’s citizenship: as a Danish-German, he also enjoys the confidence of occupiers, so he will soon become entangled in the smuggling patterns of corrupt officers, the journey of Jews fleeing Sweden and many other village events. However, there is no time for everything, so there are difficult choices ahead.

The story is based on true events, as the grandparents of the developer Portable’s CEO were once active partisans. Tingle is also a bigger locality, as the Danish main line towards Germany is still passing through the village.

It is best to keep the tongue in the middle of the mouth with this party.

world of choices

Not everything can be seen in one pass. Not every problem in the world can be solved, even though the number of bodies that are born can be restricted-or increased-by their own actions. Ultimately, this is a kind of resource management game with limitations, goods and German’s mental energy.

There is always their taking on food, luxury products and medicines, so you should carefully consider using them. In addition, German has three mental energy: empathy, insight and cleverness, which can be consumed to open new discussion choices. Energy is slowly recovering between seizures, so conservative should be conservative in terms of consumption.

The adventure is progressing through discussion choices, many of which are locked. Opening them may require various objects, energy or previous events. The cause and consequence are delighted, so the player does not have to guess why some options are not available. Some choices may require dice throwing, and the game tells the likelihood of success at a general level.

The recording method does not favor cheaters, as manual recording is not offered at all and otherwise the game will only be recorded between the scenes. Thus, at worst, the Minors will have to play the whole ten-minute scene again if the result of the dice at the end of the events is not pleased. Cruel.

The Danes cycle to the tavern even in the middle of the winter.

Elegant simplicity

The graphic look is aesthetically pleasantly simple. The indie publisher does not try to invest in photorealism, but instead the angular watercolor landscape is a satisfactory solution. Also, there is no sound show between seizures.

GERDA: A Flame in Winter is elegant in a cruel simple game. The war is the most serious about civilians, and many times the difficult choices between different goals are coming up. In the epilogue, the post-war dirty laundry is also processed when the hunting of Nazi collators began.

There is a short and interesting adventure, whose Nordic familiarity also appeals to Finnish players. What choices do you need to make in a tight place? How many risks should you take in discussions? All of these offer a nice re-play for the release. The adventure stands out, even though it is not a forced publication.