This article’s response was great Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS2022) related articles! We will deliver news and unique reports related to Tokyo Game Show 2022 published in GAME*Spark in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from September 1, 2022, to September 21, 2022.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 General NBA 2K news ranking

10th place Baku Heroes New Video Release-New Generation Group JRPG [TGS2022]: 39 Pt.

The background of more than 100 characters, including characters unsuitable for battles, such as armor shops, is created so players can spot them.

9th place Sudden pushes a PC! Steam introduction program Let’s play a game on a PC!

On September 16, Square Enix released a unique program entitled. Let’s play a game on a personal computer!

8th place Assault on TGS product sales corner! ELDEN RING T-shirts and 500 yen sale stimulate purchasing! [TGS2022]: 48 pt.

I went to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 product booth. Raven cushion and Lani-same T-shirt stimulate greed.


7th place [Update] portable machine type UPC Amadeo Air exhibited! Nintendo Switch Light size Windows11 Gaming PC [TGS2022]: 49 Pt.

At the venue of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which has been held since September 15, we were able to touch the Chinese portable game machine type UPC series Amadeo Air.

6th place Octopus Traveler II world’s first real machine play video! The situation, battles, and opening events are also [TGS2022] [Update]: 51 Pt.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 It was unveiled at the Square Enix official distribution.

5th place INAMI updated the trademark of Gens Suicide in Mexico-What kind of new development in a series has been interrupted for more than ten years? 54 pt.

INAMI is planning to make some new announcements on TGS2022.

4th place Craft Pier Development New Open World Survival Pal World latest video! The release of the Xbox version is also announced [TGS2022]: 55 Pt.

A new battle scene with a new large Pal has been released.

Pay attention to the technical demonstration of a Wi-Fi card that allows PC games to play with the 3rd place switch. The controller is fully automatic for achieving technological electricity power [TGS2022]: 137 Pt.

The technical skills of the achievement electricity exhibited at TGS2022 are amazing. Up to this point, the US and Europe were the main, but they seemed to focus on deployment in the Japanese market.

2nd place with a sword with a dinosaur! A new video of the new Cap com Expecting Powered suit is released [TGS2022]: 231 Pt.

He also shows the battle of Murasaki, a specialized suit, and Skywave’s backward support suit.

1st place I was an editor of an overseas media if I helped a person in trouble in the Tokyo Game Show, so I interviewed [TGS2022]: 291 Pt.

Tokyo’s game show spilling story.

The second place was Dinosaur with a sword! Cap com’s new Eguzoprimal Powered suit is released [TGS2022]. The article on the hottest title, Expecting, has ranked first. Dinosaur vs. Powered suit (ex suit) …… Check out the new video of this joyful setting.

The first place is If you helped those in trouble in the Tokyo Game Show, you were an editor of overseas media, so I interviewed [TGS2022]. Coincidentally, the story of GAME*Spark writers, who decided to guide the staff of famous overseas media, attracted attention. The TGS2022 was held for the first time in a long time, but the highlight was also in human pattern (?)… Please check out the sudden interview.