Riot Games has removed a tremendous weight from above for the future updates of League of Legends . Patch 12.18 was chosen by developers for the celebration of the World Championship and the entire tournament takes place in the same version. This means that professionals are ‘immune’ to the modifications that reach the game over the next three months. Once the Worlds 2022 is finished it will not be until we have reached the 13th season that the big leagues will return. In this way, there are weeks to make the riskiest or crazy changes that designers have not introduced so far.


Absurd but very important changes for League of Legends

Interestingly, the first great elections of developers to do experiments have not been the champions that need the most. Instead, from the developer they have preferred to focus on a much more noble goal: to return League of Legends a good part of their fun. To do this, they have prepared adjustments that promise to improve some heroes in positions where they do not usually appear or with objects that do not usually buy. The obvious case is that of Blitz crank, whose changes in 12.19 we have already analyzed (although we will now review). However, there are a few more adjustments.

The reason we define these changes as absurd, but necessary is that they are not intended to improve the champions in their main positions. Some will inevitably receive a little more power as a side effect. However, the objective of Riot Games is that all players can again have normal games as they did. Literally and as developers have confirmed, make a Troll champion with 30% of Win Ratio simply become a bad character that wins 44 or 45% of the games.

Taking into account that the game has lost a good part of its alternative options in terms of Builds and that the time of the season is conducive to carrying out experiments, the truth is that it seems one of the best ideas that Riot Games has had in the last times. We only have to be vigilant and not take these heroes to qualifying items. They will continue to be bad, but the goal is to take advantage when an advantage is achieved. We will never return to the old League of Legends, but of course these types of changes bring us closer to him .