The harbinger of Fate are evaluated by strength, whether they are combat skill or their access to power in Snezhnoye and SYVAT. Of the eleven Damietta, or Colombia, takes third place. This is what we know about her:

Who is the Columbine from Genshin Impact?

Damietta bears the code name of Colombia from Del ARTE’s comedy. Col umber means small pigeon. For the first time we saw Omelette during the A-Winter Night’s Lazio commercial. It was very briefly, and she never spoke. However, many fans believe that she sang throughout the video. Damnedest looks like a young woman with dark hair, wings on the back of the head and white ribbons in front of her eyes. Unfortunately, at the moment in the game there are very few references to her. In his about the lady the voice line of Child says: I would check my skills with every harbinger, which is above me, if I had a chance, but when it comes to her… something just wrong.

Is Columbine from Genshin Impact a plausible?

We cannot say for sure, but it seems plausible. This fan theory is largely based on three things. Firstly, the fans believe that the phrase of Child something is simply wrong means that she is not a person. Secondly, Columbine has wings on the back of the head, similar to wings carved in good courtyards. Thirdly, some fans of Genshin Impact and the Honkies Impact 3RD see the similarity between Columbine and Verona, alter ego Steele Dollar. It is possible that Columbine can be a copy of Great, and the similarity of Selene and See lie is suspicious, if not more.

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