Wanda Maximoff has proven to be a force of nature in multiple deliveries of MCU. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda, also known as the scarlet witch, did not need help to achieve her goal, something that very few characters can claim in the MCU. So how was she to be in this way? Well, we have the answer for you, since this is why the scarlet witch is so powerful in the MCC.

Why is scarlet witch so powerful?

Thanks to WandaVision, we have a fairly clear idea of what happened to Wanda to create such a powerful entity. Before this series, Wanda had been supposed to have obtained the powers of her thanks to the gem of the mind, but it is revealed that this is not the case, since Brunei was actually born .


In Avengers: Age of Patron, it was stated that the bomb that had hit Maximoff’s house did not explode because it was defective. However, this is not true, since WandaVision revealed that Wanda, without knowing it, had stopped the bomb with powers. Later, Wanda and her brother from her Pietro would join Hydra, who were doing experiments with volunteers using the gem of the mind. Fortunately for Wanda, the infinite stone unlocked more of her witch powers, which allowed her to survive the absorbing part of the stone itself. This, together with the creation of the false vision and the curse, makes Agatha consider her magic as chaos magic.

Then, it is not until the end of WandaVision, the battle of Crestview, which Wanda finally unlocks all her potential by becoming the scarlet witch. During the battle, Wanda decides to strip her friend, Agatha Harkness, of her power, where she absorbs all the magic that Agatha had been taking for herself. It is due to this increase in energy that Wanda finally becomes the scarlet witch of the legend, a being with an incredible power, a being able to cross an immense number of people in Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness.

That is all you need to know about Why the scarlet witch is so powerful in the MCU. Although the future of her character is uncertain after the events of Doctor Strong popular that will surely return big. Maybe it happens in the next Disney+series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, something that would make a lot of meaning since Scarlet Witch’s magic is called Chaos Magic.

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