In July, the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) guided the metavus platform ‘Zepeto’ about the classification of the game grade. Some of the contents in Zepeto have game elements such as FPS and RPG, so they have to be classified. However, at the present time, each ministry is discussing game elements in Zepeto, especially in the State Coordination Office, and the game committee is also waiting for this judgment.


Kim Kyu-cheol, chairman of the Game Committee, conveyed his position on August 30 at a meeting with the Korean Game Journalist Club, a Korean Game Media Association. Chairman Kim said, Zepeto claims to be an entertainment platform, but from our point of view, we couldn’t pretend not to know because there was a game element, he said. No.

The P2E game, which has been on top of last year since the second half of last year, said, It is impossible to introduce a game money to exchange money with money. Kim said that he was from academia and he also served as the director of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, so he personally thought that he was positively challenging the new area. However, he is currently chairman of the Game Commissioner, a law enforcement agency, and he cannot tolerate the part that is considered illegal for the head of the agency.

In addition, it is not clear about how it is legally defined in Korea and what the legal system is legally defined in Korea and the ‘virtual asset’ that is difficult to think of with the blockchain. Many bills related to virtual assets have been proposed in the National Assembly, but have not been passed yet, and financial authorities such as the Financial Services Commission have no clear guide. The above-mentioned part of the game must be established so that it can be actually moved on the game.

Lastly, the Game Committee appealed that follow-up management also needed to be activated after follow-up management. Lee Sang-hyun, general manager of the game, said, It is difficult to monitor quantitatively because there are about 1 million classifications a year. I need to worry about it.

Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol also said, I was not only a personnel when I became chairman of the game committee. ESRB (US game deliberation agency) complained about monitoring at a regular meeting and asked what was doing in Korea, so we were ashamed to mention that only 20% of 1 million cases were said to be difficult.. Meanwhile, the Game Committee plans to monitor more than 200,000 games by operating an illegal game automatic search system based on machine learning this year.