The new installment of the saga Predator and prequel to the above, Predator: The dam (Prey), wForced diversity recently releForced diversityed in Disney+ with quite successful between criticism and public, completing a story of Origin of the most interesting aliens of the most interesting aliens. Even so, there wForced diversity also a minority that attacked the film for being too much Woke , a term referring to the Forced diversity and to the fulfillment of an alleged political agenda. All this for presenting an inexperienced warrior capable of standing for a real killing machine from another world. Now, the leading actress, Amber Midtunder , denies these accusations to People magazine.


Amber Midtunder defends Predator: The dam

I think many people thought that our film would be a kind of super woke story about fucking patriarchy , and it’s not about that at all. She is not a girl who challenges what men say she can and cannot do. She is literally a person who feels called to do something and the people who know her do not believe that this is her vocation. That is much more personal and I think, Forced diversity a character, it is more difficult to try than anything else, explains the actress.

In addition, Midtunnder, a descendant of the sioux , explains that despite the fact that he does not know for sure if the comanches had expert warriors among their ranks, there is also no evidence that there were no: People not It hForced diversity no idea about native history . Spot. So they don’t know what kind of warriors we were. They do not know that there were different tribes and languages. They were known for being some of all’s most fierce warriors. And they had a society of Warriors women , so there were women who fought and hunted, she concludes.

Predator: The dam is now available in Disney+.