Hasbro’s subsidiary Wizard of the Coast (hereinafter referred to as Wizards) elected the MTG Arena and Table Top on the 2nd, ‘Magic: The Gathering’ (Magic) ‘new set’ Dominaria United ‘. The table top will be officially released on the 9th.

Dominaria United are set in the Dominaria level, the first magic set and the core of Magic Multi Bus, which appeared in 1993. The 30th anniversary of Magic will be held by opening the ‘PhyREXIA’ story arc in the background of the original fantasy level of Magic, where the war between the hero and Billon will take place.

The new set features Plains Walker characters such as the Piexian army led by Sheoldred, Karn, Ajani Goldmane, Liliana Vess, and Jaya Ballard. do. Starting with this, the entire story arc campaign will be held through the set next year.

There are 281 cards and can be used in draft boosters, set boosters, collect boosters, jump start boosters, commander decks and bundles. The first jump start booster is designed to make it easier and easy for beginners to play, including 20 theme cards in 10 themes, and can be played immediately by mixing and combining two booster packs.

In addition, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Magic, the Legends set original card, which was released in 1994, will be introduced. You can see more than 240 legend cards, from Elder Dragon Nicole Bolas to classic Moat.

Subsequently, the box topper card, which reinterprets 20 legend set characters, is included in drafts, sets and collector booster box products. Drafts, sets, and collector booster packs include stained glass style basic land, legendary creatures, plases walkers, and Pixian illustrations.

Wizards will hold on-line events and promotions in line with the launch of Dominaria United. If you purchase a new set at more than 25,000 won at the offline official store, you will receive a limited quantity of the 30th Anniversary Collaboration Photo Card, which is drawn by the domestic illustrator. This card reinterpreted the Dominia United Plains Walker in the backdrop of the Dominia United Plains Walker.

In addition, if you participate in the event when you are elected to commemorate the 30th anniversary, you will be offered Foil Retro Frame Promoccard from historical magic cards.

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