The four-time NBA champion made his way to the top of Multiversus. LeBron James is one of the strongest characters who makes him one of the best fighters in the game. It can be even one of the best characters for choosing in general.

The next guide describes the best perks that you can choose to further increase LeBron’s ability in Multiversus.

Best Bonuses for Lebron James in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: for three!
King James is most famous for his Danki Rim-Rocking. He also brought his skills to the Multiversus arena.

Using the level 10 perk for three, Lebron James will use the basketball ball that he owns as a weapon to cause great damage to the enemy.


As soon as you and your allies attack the enemy at a distance using a basketball, he will inflict explosive damage and send the enemy from the arena.

perk slot 1: Rain, dog!
Do rain, dog!-This is your attacking perk and, of course, one of the most effective in the list. Using this level 2 bonus, you and your team can easily transmit the ball to each other with an additional increase in the speed of the projectile added to their arsenal. The larger the speed, the greater the influence of the ball on contact.

perk Slot 2: Champion of the Foot Day
Leg Day Champ can be used as an additional bonus, as it will help you and your teammates jump higher in the air, which is a key factor that improves your ration abilities.

Thus, the use of this level of level 11 will help you and your allies perform a combo and attacks with stunning, and will also increase the height of their jumps during landing.

perk slot 3: back to back
LeBron James is a team player, and what could be better than the ability of the back to the back, which reduces the damage inflicted by your teammates when you are next to them?

Using this perk level 13, you can help your allies get less damage. Given how good James is in managing the crowd, this perk will definitely change the rules of the game.

Lebron James Tips

  • Start each match using your Buckets shell to shoot the ball at the opponent. This shell will help him control the space. Thus, making the enemy vulnerable to him.
  • At the initial stages of the battle, do not forget to get help from your allies, passing the ball to them and performing Dank-Atak, which causes great damage at an early stage. This will open the gate for you to use your L-train to finish the battle.