BA-KU revealed on the Steam store page that the new visual novel Black Sheep Town will be distributed on September 16, 2022.

At the time of writing, there is no official announcement about the distribution date, but the GAME*Spark editorial department confirmed with the BA-KU side and received the answer that it was decided on September 16th.

This work is a visual novel in a fictional city where people with psychic abilities exist, and the fate of people intersects. Renya Setoguchi, who worked on scenarios such as Carnival, Swan Song, and Musicus!

This work features characters with various positions and ideas, such as gangs, psychic people living in a corner of slums, and those who work for discriminatory mutants. In the game, you can select the scenario you want to see, and you can read the characters and incidents you care about at any time.

During the story, it is equipped with a function that allows you to browse commentary on personal names and technical terms. It is also possible to read the selected scenario repeatedly. This work, which has many characters and incidents, seems to make it easier to understand the story.


BLACK SHEEP TOWN will be distributed on September 16, 2022 for PC (Steam). The official website is also being distributed in the trial version.