Com2us, on the 29th, the World e-Sports Tournament ‘Summers War World Arena Championship 2022′ (SWC2022) ends the qualifiers of the Americas and Asia Pacific D group Southeast Asia and Australia. The finals of the regional cups were finalized.

‘SWC2022’ is a global e-sports competition of ‘Summers War’. I am receiving interest and support.

In the American qualifiers, half of the qualifiers debuted this year’s first SWC debut, attracting attention as a confrontation between new and traditional Kangho. In the preliminary round held on the 21st to 22nd, three of the four tickets were sweeped and experienced, and 12 players who drank in the last match on the 28th were played.

After the twelve players had the remaining opportunities, ‘TRUEWHALE’, which was tied for third place in the SWC2021 America Cup, was the first to succeed in the finals, followed by ‘Madreamdy’ and the rookie ‘Fallingflower’. ELMIMO and SWC2018 American Cup winner DRMZJOSEPH, who debuted this year, competed, and ‘DRMZJOSEPH’ won three matches first.

As a result, two rookies such as ‘SPIRES’ and ‘FallingFlower’ debuted, and eight players were in the American Cup, including ZEFA, Raigeki, Bigv, TrueWhale, Madreamdy, and DRMZJOSEPH..

The Asia Pacific D Group D Group D was held for two days from 27th to 28th. In the first match on the 27th, ‘DocTHURR’, who stayed in the fourth place in the Asia Pacific Cup last year, defeated the world champion ‘Diligent-YC’ last year and won the first ticket, showing the power of the ‘SWC’ emerging power, and showing a surprise to the crowd. did.

On the 28th, the players’ match against the remaining final tickets took place, and the powerful candidate ‘Diligent-YC’ with a strong fan base was eliminated in Round 2 and shocked the fans. ‘O2LOVEO’, which was defeated by ‘DocTHURR’ in the final finals, was effectively pressed with ‘JINYAO’, which was mentioned as one of the winners of the 2017 World Finals and last year’s Asia Pacific Cup quarterfinals. He succeeded in winning the loser.

Meanwhile, ‘SWC2022’ completed the finals of Southeast Asia & Australia’s losers on the 28th. Following the European Cup in Berlin on September 17, the Asia Pacific Cup will be held in New York on October 9 and the Asia Pacific Cup in Bangkok on October 22..

The entire game of ‘Summers War’ esports is broadcast live through the official YouTube channel and is provided as a specialized commentary in various languages. In addition, more details of ‘SWC2022’ can be found on the official page.