Element: Water????
An amphibious Nexomon flying with a heroic spirit. Its major characteristic is positive self-image as well as fidelity.

_ Nexomon: terminationwill provide players a classic tranche on the monster collection. Nexomon’s recently announced follow-up has yet to be released, however the Vewo Interactive developers have actually already disclosed the 9 access where you will pick.


element: plant????
The slumps are smart and also cute Nexomon that know just how to use their beauty in their favor during fights with the tamers. Suches as to be a family pet.

You can discover all the photos, the name, the kinds and some small info on each of the beginners below.


All beginners have pretty cute layouts and give us a great introduction of the different kinds on which the game will depend, although there can effectively be extra kinds in the process which are just not consisted of in Starters.

Element: Mineral ⛰
They are constantly eager to confirm the sustainability of their horns, they such as to make Headbutting competitions.




element: normal ⚪
Dinja has brief legs, adorable large ears as well as a significant soft tail. As they are bad runners, they prefer to walk around by leaping their means.


element: psychic????
Individuals usually confuse them with a ghost type nexomon. The fact has claimed, they are psychic Nexomon and also have a rather rare funny bone.


element: wind????
Mearns is not as friendly as it seems. It is in truth wild nexomon that occupy fields as well as hill skirts. Their twisted tails can make use of the wind to their advantage throughout hunting.

element: ghost????
A ghost nexomon found in darkness. They have a tendency to separate their heads to terrify their opponents.

element: fire????
Except those that such as to kiss their Nexomon. The head, legs as well as lume tail are entirely engulfed in the flames.


Element: electric ⚡
A really curious nexomon with the capacity to stroll on any type of surface area with your sticky feet. They like to remain as well as conceal hidden from others for extended periods.