• This is a life video without any correction. Please note that there are on-site noise and shaking.

Game Name: Archeland

Developer: Rong Games

genre: SRPG

Platform: Mobile

** Date: Undecided, pre-registration

Arckeland is a new work that Zizong Games is introduced four years after Langritsa. Arckeland is based on the actual history of the Plantaje Net family, and it deals with the story of a desperate princess who was sentenced to death at the same time against a country and struggled between the state and humanity.


I was able to meet the Korean version demonstration version at the Rong Games Arkland booth, which participated in ‘2022 Seoul Popcorn’ held at COEX in Seoul from August 25th. The SRPG format battles emphasized by the Arkland crew, and the use of elements and skills such as attributes were also briefly experienced.

The demonstration restriction is estimated to be one stage and the first part. After clearing the stage, the equipment-related system has been opened, which is often seen in mobile games where players are gradually open as they play. In the Equipment tab, you can see growth factors such as short strengthening and transcendence, and additional growth factors such as characteristics and runes were also identified.

It was a limited demonstration build to experience the game very short, so there was a lot of regret. Nevertheless, the high graphic quality and production of ‘Arckeland’, which was shown through various videos and information disclosure in the field, the UI and several goods (stamina, cache estimated goods, etc.) I can see the overall appearance of the back game. In addition, I could confirm the dubbing of Korean language and voice actors.

Arkland’s official release date has not yet been disclosed and is currently in advance through the official website.