Lost Arc announced on the 24th that it has added the new corps leader Raid, Ilia Khan.

Illia Khan, the head of the disease military, is the fifth corps leader following Baltan, Viakis, Kukseyton, and Abrelswood. Through the headquarters quest, which announces the appearance of Ilia Khan, you can face the disease and corruption spread throughout the Acrasia continent and prepare for the battle, and will fight in the Raid battlefield, the Raid Lord Pandemonium, located on the Artemis continent.

The battlefield is specially designed for the battle with Ilia Khan, and the keyword of the disease military general manager was reflected in various places, such as the spread of the disease space and the transition. As the battle progresses, the combat space will change constantly, delivering different fun.


Meanwhile, in addition to the new corps leader Raid, the new guardian contents ‘Chaos Guardian, Sonabel’, and the first stage of Elgasia ‘Heaven’, the new stage of Chaos Dungeon, were added. In addition, the new continent, Elgasia, was updated to the boss rush content, adding a normal level of the corridor of the spirit.

Smilegate RPG Support Gil said, I am so happy to have been formally introduced the new legion leader, Ilia Khan, who has been interested and expectations since the release of the teaser video. I promise to provide the best fun that fits the name of the Legion Commander Raid, who has become the most popular content of Lost Arc.

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