Tower of Fantasy is a game with an open world in which there is something to do and what to collect. Many resources that you collect are used in culinary recipes. Cooking allows you to restore health, satiety or endurance. Some ingredients that you can find are shells, salad and black moss. This may make you think about where to find ingredients such as black moss in Tower of Fantasy.

All Black Moss locations in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, read the interactive card Tower of Fantasy. You can find black moss in the fantasy tower in the following places.

Northern Esperia

How to get black moss in Tower of Fantasy

You can find black moss in Crown region . It is mainly found around the mining camp and looks like a small green bush. As soon as you notice it, just go to black moss and interact with it to add it to your inventory.


What to do with black moss in Tower of Fantasy?

Black moss-an ingredient used in cooking recipes. Although you must cook it to increase the benefits of the salad, you can eat it. Ingredient raw. Eating the salad before cooking, you will receive 2 units. satiety and 4% + 2000 units. health. Black moss is hard to find, so be sure to prepare something tasty from it.

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