[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Smilegate Stove (CEO Han Young-woon) announced on the 8th that it will recruit two infrastructure-related internships.

This internship is a data center system (server) engineer, public cloud (AWS, Azure) engineer, private cloud development engineer, information system security engineer, information system security manager, big data platform engineer, database manager, information system security engineer (automation technology Development and mock hacking) are conducted for eight jobs. The recruitment period is until August 22nd and plans to recruit two digits.


Applicants who wish to participate in the internship can accept the application through the Smilegate Group website. Afterwards, internships are determined according to the screening procedures such as document screening and interviews, and the final candidates will join in mid-September and participate in the internship process for about three months.

Successful students are offered a variety of benefits. During the internship period, the excellent evaluators will be given a regular employment interview opportunity, and the current practitioner’s close mentoring experience is also provided. There is also a place where you can listen to lectures linked to your job. An internship expenses of 2.5 million won are also paid every month for three months.

The company said, Smilegate Stove is planning to leap into a global content platform, with the launch of the next-generation social video platform ‘P.POOL’. It is expected that it will be a good opportunity to experience the way of work. I ask for your interest and support.