On the 3rd, Nexon’s 17th anniversary of the service of Dungeon & Fighter was surprised.

In this live broadcast, the director of Nexon’s representative online game gathered in one place to attract gamers’ attention. Park Jung-moo, Director of FIFA Online 4, Yoon Myung-jin, Director of Dungeon & Fighter, and Kang Won-ki, director of Maple Story, gathered in one place.

Director Yoon Myung-jin said that he had decided to broadcast to thank Dungeon and Fighter for the 17th anniversary. And he apologized for his recent service that he was not satisfied with users.


Park Jung-moo and Kang Won-ki, who appeared on the broadcast, also advised. Park Jung-moo said, I heard that the apology should be shared. Kang Won-ki, director of the chat window, reads the reaction of The introduction is long. Please release the gift quickly.

Kang Won-ki, director of active communication recently, has left a small joke. If the three directors are aligned in the order of age, Park Jung-moo, Director Yoon Myung-jin, and Kang Won-ki are directors. Kang Won-ki, director of the company, wrote a witty answer, Weight is reverse.

Since then, the three directors have cut the 17th anniversary cake, eat prepared food, and communicates with users.

Kang Won-ki, who had previously proceeded with the “ Maple Story ” showcase on the recording, mentioned the experience of being scolded by the user. Since then, he has been mainly conducting live broadcasts, and unlike the recording, he explained that it is better to communicate with users and understand the response in real time. If you eat food, you can eat a bite of food when the story falls.

The two directors also left a virtue of Dungeon and Fighter. Kang Won-ki mentioned that Dungeon & Fighter is a growing partner and competitor, and Park Jung-moo said that it is amazing and amazing to join the 17th anniversary event.

At the end of the broadcast, Director Yoon Myung-jin wanted to have a pleasant place, and explained that it is difficult to enjoy, but he is trying to make a good game. As there were a lot of bold attempts, the developers also thought they were in a hurry, but if they gave me time, they mentioned that they would create a better Dungeon & Fighter.

Director Yoon Myung-jin promised to provide a place to communicate with users about the in-game issue of Dungeon & Fighter.