ASUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. has announced a thin, lightweight, more beautiful, stronger, more advanced, more advanced technique of premium laptop ASUS ZENBOOK series 5 products and 12 models. The name of ZenBook is derived from Japan’s Zen and has been developed in Japan since 2011.

The lineup of new products that meet a wide range of users is as follows.

*ASUS laptop ASUS ZENBOOK 14X OLED SPACE EDITION UX5401ZAS, a 14-inch special limited model to commemorate the departure to space

Refresh rate 120Hz main display and evolved second display SCREENPAD PLUS ASUS ZENBOOK PRO 14 Duo OLED UX8402 Series *

16-inch high-spec laptop computer ASUS ZENBOOK PRO 16X OLED UX7602ZM *

13-inch laptops ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED UM5302TA *

*360-degree display rotates and can be changed to optimal style for any work

Since the PC is not a device on the Internet, the work support side has become stronger, so we have announced a product to enhance performance. New additions such as ASUS anti-bacterial guard were impressive.

5 The common elements of all products are equipped with a high-resolution organic EL display equipped with a touch panel, and the robustness that meets the standards of the MIL-STD 810H of the military standard specified by the United States Defense, and the extra at the time of online meeting. AI noise canceling that cuts sound. Due to the new colon virus infection, it was manufactured with a consciousness that the number of remote work has increased, even in the long-term PC work.

ASUS’s special specification commemorating the challenge to the universe ASUS ZENBOOK 14X OLED SPACE EDITION UX5401ZAS

This product is a special model commemorating that the ASUS’s first laptop P6300 released in 1997 was adopted as a laptop for the Meal Space Station in 1998. It has been used without breaking for 600 days, and it can be said that ASUS was developed by setting high standards at the time.

This unit, which has been developed in 25 years, is a special model for space specifications, special body colors and designs with the Meal Space Station as motifs, robustness that can withstand the use in space, and excellent models suitable for commemorative models. Performs performance. In addition, the body size is a 14-inch laptop 311.2 mm x 221.18mm in depth, and it is about 1.47 kg light and can be used for mobile use. Of course, it is a high-performance notebook computer equipped with Intel’s 12-generation processor Core i9-12900H.

・ Meal Space Station with a special feeling of top plate

The top plate of ZERO-G titanium color (not titanium material is not used) is designed with the Meal Space Station as a motif. The line drawing on the top plate is imagined by a space capsule, and the word AD ASTRA PER ASPERA, which is a Latin phrase, which means overcoming hardships and to stars, is the Morse signal on the outermost part of the line drawing. It is hidden.

The top plate is equipped with a special function, ZenVision, a 3.5-inch monochrome organic EL display with 256 x 64 dots. ZenVision can display the date and time and battery level, and you can also display any textbooks and animations on the universe.

・ Special design with the theme of the universe is also on the keyboard surface

The line drawing on the entire palm rest on the keyboard indicates the cockpit, and the line drawing on the left side of the palm rest represents the Meal Space Station. The space key on the keyboard has a planet mark, and on the bottom of the main unit, the word AD ASTRA PER ASPERA in the Latin phrase, which means overcoming the hardship and to the stars, is printed.

・ Equipped with various usability Ergosense touch pads


Ergosense touch pads with special coating that are less likely to have moisture and fingerprints are hard to get dirt, and they have a smooth, high-quality touch and operation feeling. In addition, it is equipped with a NumberPad function that can use the touch pad as a numeric keypad, so it is possible to operate the calculator and enter numbers. It also supports multi-touch that can perform gesture input.

・ Adopts design with the universe motif for outer boxes and contents

The outer box also draws a line drawing of the Meal Space Station, and when you open the outer box, an inner box inspired by the spacecraft door appears.

A design that is conscious of the universe, such as bags, manuals, and explanatory cards that wrap the contents.

The accessory box containing a cable is designed to be diverted as a laptop stand, and by placing it under the main unit, the angle of the main unit can be tilted to 23 degrees in front of you.

・ Realize the robustness of the cosmic standard that can withstand not only on the ground but also in space

Realizes much more robust than conventional highly robust products. Not only is the standard of MIL-STD 810H of military standards (MIL-STD 810H), which are set by the US Pentagon, but also the standard for the US hardware procurement standards for the US SMC-S-016A standards. increase. It is overwhelmingly strong in vibration, impact, high-temperature environment and low-temperature environment than normal laptops, and has been robust enough to be used not only on the earth but also in space.

・ Dolby Atmos + HARMAN/KARDON audio that makes videos and music more enjoyable

Equipped with high-performance audio functions completed in collaboration with audio brand HARMAN/Kardon. By installing a smart amplifier, 350%louder sounds can now be output. You can enjoy videos and music with enough power with the speakers of the main unit. It also supports Dolby Atmos technology that realizes virtual surround sound, allows you to experience a three-dimensional surround sound.

・ Always perform the best performance with a powerful cooling system

In order to obtain the highest cooling performance, a total of two heat pipes of 8mm and 6mm of different sizes are used properly, and two blades have a large number of blade fans on the left and right of the main body. Since it has sufficient cooling performance for the amount of fever, the best performance is always realized with quiet operation sounds. In addition, ASUS ZenBook 14x OLED SPACE EDITION UX5401ZAS has a smart sensor on the motherboard, allowing the temperature of various components to be detected in real time. Based on temperature data, ASUS’s unique algorithms can accurately calculate the current required power output in the CPU, so that the power efficiency of the laptop can be kept at the highest state.

・ Equipped with a privacy shutter for web cameras that can be used with confidence without worrying about the existence of the lens

Pressing the F10 key on the keyboard will slide the privacy shutter for the web camera and physically block the lens of the web camera. If you accidentally turn on the web camera function or be hacked, you can completely prevent unintended shooting.

・ Equipped with a power button that integrates a fingerprint authentication sensor that can perform fingerprint authentication at the same time as the power is turned on

Since a fingerprint authentication sensor is built in the power button, fingerprint authentication can be performed simultaneously when turning on the laptop.

Equipped with a second display that dramatically improves work efficiency

The main display is equipped with a 2.8K organic EL display and a 120Hz 12.7-inch LCD display at the top of the keyboard, which is the first 14.5-inch 120Hz compatible with the 16:10 aspect ratio. The top model is equipped with Intel’s 12-generation processor Core i9-12900H and NVIDIA’s GPU GeForce RTX 3050 TI.

With the main display and the vast work space by SCREENPAD PLUS, and the ease of use of two screens physically, you can experience the ease of use from normal laptops in production work.

・ Dual display notebook PC that realizes overwhelming work efficiency

By installing a second display (SCREENPAD PLUS) just below the main display, a dual display environment that allows one screen to be used for one unit. Both support the touch operation, sometimes a vast screen, and sometimes different apps are displayed and performed in parallel work, so it is attractive because it is a dual display notebook computer.

Furthermore, since it can be customized for Adobe software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator using the Control Panel app, creators are expected to improve work efficiency.

The beauty of the 2.8K organic display is also outstanding, and it has evolved more than the previous series.

・ 70%blue light reduction and easy to use

Equipped with an organic EL display that reduces 70%of blue light compared to a general liquid crystal display, it has also obtained a Tüv Rheinland certification, which guarantees the safety of the product, including the reduction performance of the blue light. increase.

・ Maintain high performance with a cooling system using SCREENPAD PLUS

The heat dissipation portion is distributed in two places and a cooling fan with a total of two in each heat dissipation part can efficiently and strongly external to the internal heat. This alone has enough cooling performance, but with a built-in airflow improvement function called ASUS Active Aerodynamic System Ultra, and using the back side of the keyboard that lifts up about 12 degrees as a huge intake port, it is an excellent notable with ordinary laptops. The airflow is also realized. Even if you continue to use it in a high load, it will show a stable performance without worrying about the performance degradation due to heat.

・ High quality sound playback HARMAN/KARDON audio

Equipped with an audio function that has been completed in collaboration with the audio brand HARMAN/Kardon, you can experience a high-quality sound that is unlikely to be a laptop. In addition, the ASUS ZenBook Pro 14 Duo OLED UX8402 series also has a smart amplifier, so you can output 350 % louder than before, so loud sound playback is possible with the built-in speaker of the main unit. is.

・ Equipped with infrared camera that can perform face authentication even in dark places

Not only web cameras but also infrared cameras that support Windows Hello, so you can log in with face authentication without any problems even in dark places where your face is not clearly visible.
The ASUS ZenBook Pro 14 Duo OLED UX8402 series has a lineup of 2 products, and the memory and storage mounted are different depending on the product, so you can choose according to the use.