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Fortnite Dreamy Cup: How to get your skin for free participating

The Dreamy Cup of Fortnite is a new tournament with which we can Below we tell you everything you need to know, including How to participate and What time is the Cup *:

How to get the dreamy skin for free in Fortnite

For Get the dreamy skin in Fortnite, we will have toparticipate and stay in high positions in the Dreaming Cup , held September 6, 2022 At one hour they change depending on our region of the game. Epic Games celebrates the dream cup in Fortnite dreamy skin part of Mdreamy skinter Pride 2022 *.

When is the dream cup in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Dreamy Cup is celebrated on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at different times depending on our game region . To check the specific schedule according to the region in which we want to participate, you have to enter the competition of the Fortnite Battle Royale menu . We will update this section of the news dreamy skin soon dreamy skin we know the final schedules.

The format used in this tournament is Zero Construction-Western . dreamy skin is more than usual in this type of competitive events, we will have to play up to ten games in a period of up to three hours ; The goal is to be high enough on the scoreboard of our region (bdreamy skined on eliminating enemy players and being in good position in the games played) to get awards.

How to participate in Fortnite’s dreamer on September 6?

To participate in the Fortnite Cup of Fortnite the 06/09/2022 simply You have to connect to Fortnite this day at the time that corresponds according to our region of the game, and have at ledreamy skint level 50 of bill. Done this, we select the corresponding game mode, and we play.


Fortnite’s dream score system

The following scoring system is used in the dreamer:

  • Magistral victory: 30 points.
  • 2nd: 24 points.
  • 3: 21 points.
  • 4th: 19 points.
  • 5th: 17 points.
  • 6: 15 points.
  • 7th: 14 points.
  • 8: 13 points.
  • 9th: 12 points.
  • 10th: 11 points.
  • 11th: 10 points.
  • 12th: 9 points.
  • 13th: 8 points.
  • 14th: 7 points.
  • 15th: 6 points.
  • 16th: 5 points.
  • 17th: 4 points.
  • 18.: 3 points.
  • 19.: 2 points.
  • 20th: 1 points.
  • Each elimination: 1 point.

Awards of the Fortnite Dreamy Cup

The greatest incentive to participate in this cup is Get the dreamy skin for free before the store . These are the awards that we can obtain for participating in the dream cup in Fortnite and staying in the following positions:


* From 1 to 2,750.º : SKIN Dreaming.

United States (Edreamy skint Costa)

* From 1 to 1,400.º : SKIN Dreaming.

United States (west codreamy skint)

* From 1 to 500.º : SKIN Dreaming.


* From 1 to 500.º : SKIN Dreaming.

dreamy skinia

* From 1 to 500.º : SKIN Dreaming.


* From 1 to 300.º : SKIN Dreaming.

Middle Edreamy skint

* From 1 to 300.º : SKIN Dreaming.

In our Fortnite guide we help you with all dreamy skinpects of the game, including how to climb quickly or how to complete all missions. Don’t miss it!

September 16th distribution to Steam for Steam, a new visual novel Black Sheep Town, which is a scenario and director of Renya Setoguchi!

BA-KU revealed on the Steam store page that the new visual novel Black Sheep Town will be distributed on September 16, 2022.

At the time of writing, there is no official announcement about the distribution date, but the GAME*Spark editorial department confirmed with the BA-KU side and received the answer that it was decided on September 16th.

This work is a visual novel in a fictional city where people with psychic abilities exist, and the fate of people intersects. Renya Setoguchi, who worked on scenarios such as Carnival, Swan Song, and Musicus!

This work features characters with various positions and ideas, such as gangs, psychic people living in a corner of slums, and those who work for discriminatory mutants. In the game, you can select the scenario you want to see, and you can read the characters and incidents you care about at any time.

During the story, it is equipped with a function that allows you to browse commentary on personal names and technical terms. It is also possible to read the selected scenario repeatedly. This work, which has many characters and incidents, seems to make it easier to understand the story.


BLACK SHEEP TOWN will be distributed on September 16, 2022 for PC (Steam). The official website is also being distributed in the trial version.

The best benefits and tips for Lebron James in Multiversus

The four-time NBA champion made his way to the top of Multiversus. LeBron James is one of the strongest characters who makes him one of the best fighters in the game. It can be even one of the best characters for choosing in general.

The next guide describes the best perks that you can choose to further increase LeBron’s ability in Multiversus.

Best Bonuses for Lebron James in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: for three!
King James is most famous for his Danki Rim-Rocking. He also brought his skills to the Multiversus arena.

Using the level 10 perk for three, Lebron James will use the basketball ball that he owns as a weapon to cause great damage to the enemy.


As soon as you and your allies attack the enemy at a distance using a basketball, he will inflict explosive damage and send the enemy from the arena.

perk slot 1: Rain, dog!
Do rain, dog!-This is your attacking perk and, of course, one of the most effective in the list. Using this level 2 bonus, you and your team can easily transmit the ball to each other with an additional increase in the speed of the projectile added to their arsenal. The larger the speed, the greater the influence of the ball on contact.

perk Slot 2: Champion of the Foot Day
Leg Day Champ can be used as an additional bonus, as it will help you and your teammates jump higher in the air, which is a key factor that improves your ration abilities.

Thus, the use of this level of level 11 will help you and your allies perform a combo and attacks with stunning, and will also increase the height of their jumps during landing.

perk slot 3: back to back
LeBron James is a team player, and what could be better than the ability of the back to the back, which reduces the damage inflicted by your teammates when you are next to them?

Using this perk level 13, you can help your allies get less damage. Given how good James is in managing the crowd, this perk will definitely change the rules of the game.

Lebron James Tips

  • Start each match using your Buckets shell to shoot the ball at the opponent. This shell will help him control the space. Thus, making the enemy vulnerable to him.
  • At the initial stages of the battle, do not forget to get help from your allies, passing the ball to them and performing Dank-Atak, which causes great damage at an early stage. This will open the gate for you to use your L-train to finish the battle.

The Local Multiversus cooperative will not arrive soon


One of the games that has managed to be quite relevant during this last month is Multiversus, since it is a fairly pleasant experience for those who have managed to familiarize themselves with their mechanics. And while he has many comments in his favor, the cooperative mode has not yet been implemented in the title for reasons that were unknown.

Through the Twitter platform, the game director, Tony Huynh , commented that this cooperative local game will not arrive within a long time, since for now the development and update are focusing on other aspects. That means that during these months they will be working on the stability of the video game, so users must wait more.

It will be later, our approach at this time is to stabilize our experience. Netcode improvements, theft/hitboxes, projectiles, platform interactions, etc.

He remembers that the game is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC .

Only the selection is left, SWC2022 completed all regional qualifiers

Com2us, on the 29th, the World e-Sports Tournament ‘Summers War World Arena Championship 2022′ (SWC2022) ends the qualifiers of the Americas and Asia Pacific D group Southeast Asia and Australia. The finals of the regional cups were finalized.

‘SWC2022’ is a global e-sports competition of ‘Summers War’. I am receiving interest and support.

In the American qualifiers, half of the qualifiers debuted this year’s first SWC debut, attracting attention as a confrontation between new and traditional Kangho. In the preliminary round held on the 21st to 22nd, three of the four tickets were sweeped and experienced, and 12 players who drank in the last match on the 28th were played.

After the twelve players had the remaining opportunities, ‘TRUEWHALE’, which was tied for third place in the SWC2021 America Cup, was the first to succeed in the finals, followed by ‘Madreamdy’ and the rookie ‘Fallingflower’. ELMIMO and SWC2018 American Cup winner DRMZJOSEPH, who debuted this year, competed, and ‘DRMZJOSEPH’ won three matches first.

As a result, two rookies such as ‘SPIRES’ and ‘FallingFlower’ debuted, and eight players were in the American Cup, including ZEFA, Raigeki, Bigv, TrueWhale, Madreamdy, and DRMZJOSEPH..

The Asia Pacific D Group D Group D was held for two days from 27th to 28th. In the first match on the 27th, ‘DocTHURR’, who stayed in the fourth place in the Asia Pacific Cup last year, defeated the world champion ‘Diligent-YC’ last year and won the first ticket, showing the power of the ‘SWC’ emerging power, and showing a surprise to the crowd. did.

On the 28th, the players’ match against the remaining final tickets took place, and the powerful candidate ‘Diligent-YC’ with a strong fan base was eliminated in Round 2 and shocked the fans. ‘O2LOVEO’, which was defeated by ‘DocTHURR’ in the final finals, was effectively pressed with ‘JINYAO’, which was mentioned as one of the winners of the 2017 World Finals and last year’s Asia Pacific Cup quarterfinals. He succeeded in winning the loser.

Meanwhile, ‘SWC2022’ completed the finals of Southeast Asia & Australia’s losers on the 28th. Following the European Cup in Berlin on September 17, the Asia Pacific Cup will be held in New York on October 9 and the Asia Pacific Cup in Bangkok on October 22..

The entire game of ‘Summers War’ esports is broadcast live through the official YouTube channel and is provided as a specialized commentary in various languages. In addition, more details of ‘SWC2022’ can be found on the official page.

Nexon released the fifth employees own song Mind, House music

[digital album Park Ye-jin reporter] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 26th that the members of the company released the digital album ‘Mind, Home’, which participated in composition, lyrics, and songs, through various music sites.

Nexon’s fifth employee’s own album ‘Mind, Home’ is composed of songs and stories that the employees of the game company have kept in their usual minds. A total of nine albums can be heard on major domestic music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs.

The title song of this album is ‘Walking Together’ of City Pop sensibility and ‘making spring’, characterized by calm piano melody. After work, he expressed the feeling of love that he felt while walking through the streets of the sunset and the feelings of love that reminiscent of his favorite people.

The ‘singer-songwriter, talking and singing’ course through the Nexon Forum was held in an online live class for eight weeks from March 30 to June 2. Singer-songwriter Park Jong-hyun (summer of thought), called the fundamentalist of fork, participated as a lecturer to help the entire song composition such as writing lyrics, melody, music program use, and recording.

Nexon Live Headquarters game programmer, who produced the main title song ‘Walk Together’, said, It was a special experience to keep my own story in my favorite music genre. I hope the songs will be warm and empathetic and be deeply stained in many people’s minds.

The Nexon Forum, which began in 2012, is a Nexon education program designed to awaken the creativity of employees and to motivate and motivate. To date, about 210 curriculum has been conducted, and recently, the poems have been written by members who participated in the ‘Writing Poetry’ process.

Dakar Desert Rally: range of the auto racing game in the gameplay overview

As is well known, the Open World Rally Desert Rally begins on October 4 on Xbox Collection X | S as well as Xbox One as well as will certainly offer players intensive off-road activity from the 2020 to 2022 periods.
A review of the large selection of cars in the video game, the groups as well as the offered game settings as well as the huge settings makes Saber Interactive with a new trailer.


You can pre-order Dakar Desert Rally in 2 versions:
* Pre-order Dakar Desert Rally for Xbox consoles-39.99 euros
* Pre-order DAKAR DESERT Rally-Deluxe Version for Xbox consoles-59.99 euros
Gameplay summary trailer:

Keep: ash – how to defeat the veil

Shroud can appear in the sewer area in the world inreste: ashes _. Because of its capability to teleport in the surroundings, it can be a little fragile. Whenever you inflict damage, he will certainly go to a new place. The fight as a result is composed in monitoring your endurance.

Remain: ash-how to defeat the shroud

As soon as you concentrate on regulating your endurance, cleaning your roadways as well as damage to the shroud when you can, this fight must be quite simple. Simply see to it you are not blocked by henchmen, as well as everything will certainly be fine.

It is a good idea to make certain that you have bandages for this fight, because Shroud inflicts lots of bleeding damage if it strikes you. He can strike you by teleporting as well as bringing you a rain of arrows, often making him a little frustrating. The method is to proceed progressing. If you have not raised your endurance, after that you ought to do it, because these added factors will keep you to life far better than more factors of life.

Like a lot of the game employers, Shroud will certainly likewise use minions to aid him. Focus these statements as soon as they remain as well as arrive in motion, because you actually do not desire to obtain captured up as well as undertake significant damage, you have no place to go when Shroud makes a decision to see if you can fight in the shade.


Defense that cause significant range damage is a great concept below. They are still as efficient very closely, however when Shroud teleports in a low-convenient place, with limited access as well as departure angles, you don’t want to catch it to wound it.

The 9 Nexomon: Extinction starters


Element: Water????
An amphibious Nexomon flying with a heroic spirit. Its major characteristic is positive self-image as well as fidelity.

_ Nexomon: terminationwill provide players a classic tranche on the monster collection. Nexomon’s recently announced follow-up has yet to be released, however the Vewo Interactive developers have actually already disclosed the 9 access where you will pick.


element: plant????
The slumps are smart and also cute Nexomon that know just how to use their beauty in their favor during fights with the tamers. Suches as to be a family pet.

You can discover all the photos, the name, the kinds and some small info on each of the beginners below.


All beginners have pretty cute layouts and give us a great introduction of the different kinds on which the game will depend, although there can effectively be extra kinds in the process which are just not consisted of in Starters.

Element: Mineral ⛰
They are constantly eager to confirm the sustainability of their horns, they such as to make Headbutting competitions.




element: normal ⚪
Dinja has brief legs, adorable large ears as well as a significant soft tail. As they are bad runners, they prefer to walk around by leaping their means.


element: psychic????
Individuals usually confuse them with a ghost type nexomon. The fact has claimed, they are psychic Nexomon and also have a rather rare funny bone.


element: wind????
Mearns is not as friendly as it seems. It is in truth wild nexomon that occupy fields as well as hill skirts. Their twisted tails can make use of the wind to their advantage throughout hunting.

element: ghost????
A ghost nexomon found in darkness. They have a tendency to separate their heads to terrify their opponents.

element: fire????
Except those that such as to kiss their Nexomon. The head, legs as well as lume tail are entirely engulfed in the flames.


Element: electric ⚡
A really curious nexomon with the capacity to stroll on any type of surface area with your sticky feet. They like to remain as well as conceal hidden from others for extended periods.


TFT – SET 7.5 Unknown Kingdoms: Riot decides to renew the dragons to create a healthier metajuego

The Mid Set 7.5 of TFT will bring many changes in convergence and Riot Games has also decided Update the dragons , and there is probably one that changes everything, since now you can put so many dragons on your land without the Optimization that allowed it.. Dragons that grant loot also have the right to their small improvement. Discover all the changes that await you with patch 12.17 !

Goodbye to infinite dragons

The truth is that Riot Games is not entirely happy with the first part of the set. Some dragons quickly found their place, while others required much more balance (such as Shyvana or Aurelion Sol). With its high cost, unique type and monopolizing two slots, developers took some time to get each dragon to win their place without being too punishing. Its high cost created difficult situations where players had to be very lucky or plan your economy to the maximum to get 3 copies.


Here are the changes to Dragons with the average set:

  • Dragons are no longer unique
  • Dragon has become a main attribute
  • Dragons now cost 6, 7 and 8 gold at levels 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

As a result, it was necessary to create a new specific attribute for the dragon, a feature that will give it from 4 dragons, an additional slot in your team that will allow you to place up to 5 dragons in the field. The dragon attribute looks a bit like the guild, since it will do different things the more dragons you add:

* Passive : Dragons need 2 team slots
* Dragons count as three units of the indicated attribute and obtain additional improvements depending on the number of dragons we have in the team

  1. 500 additional life points
  2. 20 of armor and magical resistance
  3. 10% more damage
  4. +1 to the size of the equipment
  5. Duplicate the previous statistics bonuses it costs you to level up, new improvements called Dragon Heart, which gives you +1 to the dragon attribute, and a prismatic increase called era of the dragon, which grants three dragons (grants three dragons (granting three dragons (which Zippy, glutton and a random 4 level)..

Changes in the Treasury Dragon

Instead of appearing with the same loot distribution at a time, the precious dragon can now appear in three different versions. These new versions are dragon of the chaos and dragon of the order, which appear in 30% of the items. The remaining 40% obtains the Classic Treasury Dragon and which appears for all players.

Dragon of Chaos

The Chaos Dragon will have a very variable loot with each relaunch. His offer will not have a specific theme or purpose, but all will be of great value. Some more than others, but you will have to throw again and change offers to see what works best for your team.

This dragon can contain emblems, ornn items, champions duplicators, spatulas and almost anything that players can use . In addition, this implies the return of the target consumable of destinations: Beasts Festival.

Dragon of order

The dragon of order will focus on granting radiant objects with which to enhance your team. This dragon will bring similar options to those of the classic treasure dragon, but they will be much more powerful thanks to the inclusion of radiant objects. Look at Change options below!

The addition of light objects was really important for the development team, since it adds a new layer of decision-making, between choosing your favorite light object instead of the component of the object you were looking for to give the ideal combo for your transport.

All these new functions are already available in the PBE. Midset 7.5 will arrive at the servers with patch 12.17, which will reach official servers on Wednesday, September 8, 2022.

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