The saga of Resident Evil has been a success in video games. However, when we talk about adaptations for the big screen, things have been the opposite. After the failure that was welcomo to Raccoon City, it seemed that everyone was ready to forget this market, and focus only on the work created directly by Capcom. However, a Netflix series intends to change this negative perception, and The first reviews of this show seem to indicate that at least one positive attempt is being achieved.

Although the resident evil series for Netflix had quite negative first impressions, with fans criticizing the absence of classic characters and an focus on a new story, the first reviews of this production have begun to emerge just a few days after its premiere, And it seems that there is potential here. Regarding the positive points, many have pointed out that the main actions are quite strong , and charismatic enough to keep the public entertaining. This was what The Verge mentioned about it:

Although Resident Evil feels more in the brand when it follows the adult Jade Wesker (she Balinska) on her full apocalyptic trip to better understand the T virus after the pathogen is released, the program is more interesting in 2022 when He focuses on younger versions of Jade (Tamara Smart) and his sister Billie (Adeline Rudolph). It is through the tense relationship of adolescents with their father that the program begins to throw clues about their connections with the largest Resident Evil franchise and how, however different things seem to the beginning, appearances often deceive when the corporation Umbrella is involved.


Along with this, Paste Magazine has pointed out the history divided into two temporal lines also has positive results:

Telling a story divided into two timelines can be a risky approach, but Resident Evil does an excellent job when establishing a line that takes the story through these two scenarios without problems, distributing revelations and turns that develop in both You were to fill effectively. in the holes as it advances. It would be easy for one side of the story to be filled as filling, but both are convincing enough to keep you hooked.

Finally, regarding zombies, this is what Comicbook mentioned in this regard:

When these zombies are shown, they are used efficiently and always feel like the threat they should be, even if you can operate under the assumption that some characters will inevitably be protected by a plot armor. The effects used to create disturbing growth and disfigured appearances in the Zeroes work surprisingly well, which would probably have not worked if we had been saturated with zombies everywhere all the time. Mutations such as Lickers and some new creative creatures keep things fresh, and although the Zeroes are somewhere between the resident Evil shamblers and the infected frantic of 28 Days Later, it feels like a fair commitment for the rhythm that the show seeks.

Apparently, the new Resident Evil series is not as bad as many have pointed out. Among the positive points are a series of details that manage to create a good difference between games and this production , although there are still elements that do not work well. However, these impressions are of the first four chapters, so the final result could change the opinion of many.

The resident evil series will premiere on July 14 in Netflix . On related issues, an actor of this program did not know that Resident Evil games existed. Similarly, one in 10 players does not go from the initial kinematics of resident evil 7.

Editor note :

It seems that the resident evil series is not as bad as many expected. Of course, these are just a couple of opinions, and it is likely that others have more problems, but the initial reactions paint a good panorama.