Com2us announced on the 6th that more than 58,000 people in the world, the world’s largest, have applied for participation in the global mobile e-sports competition, Summers War World Arena Championship 2022 (SWC2022).


‘SWC’ is the first global e-sports competition held in 2017 to provide offline users with offline users and to provide a place for both gamers and audiences. The athletes are growing every year, giving the player’s opportunity with the strong and watching the top match for the audience.

‘SWC2022’, which has been held for six consecutive years this year, recruited participants for 4 weeks from June 7 to 28, and more than 2,000 people increased by more than 2,000 compared to the previous year, and the steady box office of ‘SWC’ was steady. Prove.

In particular, the heat of the Americas and Europe is hot. The number of applicants for the Americas and Europe increased significantly to about 25%and 42%, respectively. Among the continents, we are looking forward to seeing what dark horses will appear this year in the Americas and Europe, which have led the trend of SWC every year.

The results of the recruitment of more heated participants than the previous year are interpreted due to the ‘SWC’ offline performance in three years. The European Cup will be held in Berlin, the American Cup in New York, and the Asia Pacific Cup in Bangkok, Thailand, and the World Finals, which cover the world champions, will be held in Seoul, so more fans will be shouted and enjoyable in the field.

Meanwhile, the participants of the SWC2022 will advance to the offline regional cup finals after the preliminary round online in August. The European Cup will be held on September 17 at 9 pm on Korea time, the American Cup will be held at 3:00 am on October 9th, and the Asia Pacific Cup will be held at 2 pm on October 22. It is held in Seoul.

Each game can be viewed in real time through the official YouTube channel of ‘SWC’, and more details of ‘SWC2022’ can be found on the official page of ‘Summers War’.