[Minister Park Park Ye-jin Reporter] The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Bo-kyun) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun-rae, hereinafter referred to as Hankonjin) ‘2022 First Game Culture Forum’ to suggest policy measures for improving access to the disabled for the game It announced online that it will hold online on the 6th.

The Game Culture Forum is designed to view the cultural value of the game and to discover various views for creating a game culture. This year’s first forum will be discussed based on the game access rights and actual cases of the disabled under the theme of ‘There is no game culture or barrier for everyone.’

The first theme is that the head of the Korea Disabled Sports Association will present the status of the disabled sports as well as the disabled sports development plans.

Subsequently, Kim Sang-min, Gyeonggi-do, Dongducheon Yangju Office of Education and Support Teachers, based on the experience of ‘disabled students e-festival’, ‘What is a game for disabled students? We talk about the impact of the game on students with disabilities and the necessity of improving game access.


In the comprehensive discussion, Lee Jang-ju (Irak Digital Culture Research Institute) ▲ Director Choi Seung-woo (Game Industry Association)

This forum will add meaning by interpreting concurrent hydration on topics and comprehensive discussions.

Lee Yang-hwan, head of the Hankonjin Game Division, said, We hope that this game culture forum will be an opportunity to discuss the positive influence of the disabled and the way to easily access people. I will do it.