One hacker claims to be 1 billion personal information from China’s Shanghai Police, and is selling 23 terabytes of data at the Hacker Forum. The selling price is 10 Bitcoins (about 260 million won in the current price). If the hacker’s claim is true, it is the worst data leak accident of all time.

According to major foreign sources on April 4 (local time), the hacker, who acts as ‘China Dan’, posted an article last week that it sells 1 billion Chinese personal information at the Hacker Forum ‘Brich Forum’.

In the post, he said, This year’s database of Shanghai Police (SHGA) was leaked. I insisted.

It is not yet confirmed whether the hacker’s claim is true. The Shanghai authorities and the police have not responded to the related inquiries, foreign media said.

Last weekend, China’s social media, such as Weibo and WeChat, has spread concerns that hackers’ arguments may be true. The data leak keyword is currently blocked in Weibo.

Kendra Shepher, head of the Chinese consulting firm Tripium China’s technical policy research director, suspended the judgment on the case, saying, It’s hard to dig into the truth in a lush situation. At the same time, if the hacker’s claim was true, he was concerned that it would be the largest and worst infringement.

Threat information detection (Intelligence) systems have also found out the risk of data leakage and have entered into action. Jang Feng Zao, who runs the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said on Twitter, Through the threat intelligence of the exchange, the record of 1 billion Asian residents is sold on the Dark Web. We strengthened it.


Data leaks are related to the bugs when government agencies use elastic searches (data retrieval and analysis tools), he said. He did not mention whether the data leaked by Bionance occurred in the Shanghai police.