Old games can also cause bugs that have a negative effect on hardware evolution, but Moder’s love seems to surpass that difficulty.

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition is a MOD that brings a wide range of improvements, such as strengthening audio and visual expressions in the PC version Silent Hill 2 , but the hardware-caused crash caused by this MOD. The bug has finally been corrected. This correction will be included in the following new ver. It will be released with some new elements.

The bug occurred when the CPU was a multi-core, the game crashed following the voice skipping, and it was a fatal bug now that the multi-core CPU became almost common.

Speaking of 2002, when Silent Hill 2 was released, it was in the middle of a competition for improving operating frequencies such as Pentium 4, and the CPU was the mainstream of single core. The multi-core of CPU progresses due to power consumption and fever issues, around 2006, when products such as Core 2 Duo and Athlon 64 x2 were released.

Since then, it has become a multi-core of the general CPU, but the compatibility of apps and the occurrence of bugs can be said to be an issue that has often bothered gamers.

This time, I was able to fix the deep-rooted bugs caused by the sunny and modified hardware because of the love of Moder’s work. Love overcomes all difficulties. Isn’t that a good example?