Devolver Digital has released a game play trailer for the point & click ADV Return to Monkey Island . It has also been revealed that it will be released for PC (Steam)/overseas Nintendo Switch.

This is a classic point & click-style adventure game set in the Caribbean Sea. In 1990, Lucas Film Game’s first work Monkey Island was released as a sequel Monkey Island 2 Le Chuck’s Counterattack as the Monkey Island series. It has been highly evaluated. In Japan, in 1993, Victor Entertainment Monkey Island Ulei Pirate Otaro! ] was released under the title. In this work, Ron Gilbert, who planned the first work, and Lucas Film Games again, a new story and adventure full of surprises and thrills. The player will be a young guybrush that longs for pirates, and will explore the islands full of danger and mystery while unraveling the puzzles. Have a fun conversation with nostalgic friends and new people you meet, and embark on an unknown world voyage.


Return to Monkey Island, a legendary adventure game revived in modern times, will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas Nintendo Switch. The specific date and time are unknown at this time. It has been announced that the distribution and translation of the Japanese version will be handled by the Bridge Games.