Developed Studio Run (CEO Bae Hyung-wook) of Dev Sisters Co., Ltd. The era of resurrected dragons!

The story of Cookie Run: Oven Brake, which was announced in the Dev Sister’s online showcase ‘Devnau’ in April, will be unveiled in this season 7 update. The new episode of the Escape Mode, Snake Fruit Taste Cookie, will appear for the first time through the new episode, Brilliant Yongan Hwanggung.

In mid-July, the company will show the most powerful dragon cookie, Yongan Dragon Cookie. After 2019, the dragon and dragon cookies, fine dragon cookies, white lotus dragon cookies, and rich dragon cookies, and the white dragon dragon cookies will appear.

■ Highlights of the Bongsi Story! The final battle in the ‘Brilliant Yongan Imperial Palace’

With this update, the highlight of the Balaur Story Campaign will be unfolded following the seventh chapter of the story mode ‘Brave Cookie Adventure’ in April. The brave cookie group sees the sight of the Rambutan tribe that turns into a stone shortly after escaping from the falling Rich Dragon Court of Rich Dragon Cookie. At this time, the Snake Fruit taste cookie, which was first encountered, noticed the dangerous plans of the dragons and left an adventure to prevent it.

The brave cookie journey is held through a new episode of the newly opened escape mode, Brilliant Yongan Hwanggung,. Starting with the Call Rich Dragon Cookie, the story of the Yongan Hwang Palace and the Yongan Cookies, where the Yongan Hwang Palace and the Bongsi cookies live, to the last battle at Yongan Imperial Palace. A total of eight stages will be followed by 10 kinds of cookies, and you can meet all kinds of dragon cookies that have emerged so far on the new map.

In addition, ‘EASY mode’ will be added to the escape mode. The EASY mode has a small number of runners and the difficulty of the map is easier than the existing flock. In addition, the EASY mode is also applied to the Escape Random Challenge, which runs with randomly determined combinations such as cookies, pets, and treasures. This season’s random challenge will be played against the cities of the wizards.

■ Season 7 The first new cookie ‘Snake Fruit Taste Cookie’ and Pair Pet ‘Scaly Fan’ added

Along with Season 7, Snake Fruit Taste Cookies are new. Snake Fruit Taste Cookie was a dragon, but he couldn’t ascended. On the outside, he is a tactics and faithful pawn who manages snake soldiers for the owner of the Yongan Imperial Palace, but he has a completely different dream in his own oysters. His play is characterized by the ability to destroy obstacles by summoning snake soldiers who throw spears and poison beads.

Snake fruit-flavored cookies are also available for pet pets and scales that are used to hide a meaningful smile. Scaly debt is responsible for destroying obstacles and producing wind jelly.

In addition, you can also find a new treasure ‘Young Dragon Claw’ and the new Legendary Jelly Skin, the Yongano Jelly Skin Set to watch the world.

■ Season 7 Various Event Progress, Crystal & Rainbow Cube pours out!

There are also various reward events for users to play games comfortably and generously. First of all, in commemoration of the season 7 update, ▲ ‘Special attendance’ that can receive a total of 10,000 crystals every day, ▲ ‘Run Mission’, which can receive a total of 15,000 crystals through play regardless of daily mode, ▲ Three daily challenges every day. A ‘Lucky Ticket’ event will be held to obtain up to 10,000 rainbow cubes.

In addition, the new event mode, Ku-chan Club, will begin, with a challenge and defense, and a team-fight mode with a friendly warfare will also be held. In addition, various game elements are waiting for users, including the reorganization of the guild system and the start of the guild game 17.

Cookie Run: For more information on oven brakes, please visit Cookie Run YouTube and Naver Cafe.