The creation of weapons has undergone several changes in Destiny 2. Previously, the guards had to worry about five different resonant elements, since each of them allowed the guards to create various aspects of weapons. At the beginning of the ghost season, all this was simplified up to one resonance element.

What is a resonant element in Destiny 2?

The resonant element comes from weapons with deep resonance. They are easy to recognize by the red frame around the weapon icon in the inventory. Using a weapon in battle or performing actions with equipment, the guards will be resonant and will be able to extract it.

If the weapon is not used actively, several activity is required to finish the execution indicator. Otherwise, using it in easily pharmaceous places, such as lost sectors or places such as Suro, you will quickly complete the weapon. Each extracted resonance element will cost 300, and the guards have a total limit of 10,000.

The resonant element is used in creating weapons both for creating and for changing the shape of weapons. Depending on the selected weapon perk, the cost will be different, so it is recommended to have a resonant element supply.

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