-In the last 25th, Damwon Kia was defeated and written 24 consecutive wins

-2015 SK Telecom T1 set up 23 consecutive wins

-t1, Zenji-DRX tied for first place with 4 victories

T1 set another record in LCK history. He won 24 games in a row, including regular leagues and playoffs, and became the main characters of difficult records.

League of Legends (LOL) League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), which hosts the Korean professional league of e-sports e-sports, is 2022 at the LCK Arena located in the Grand Seoul Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul from 22nd to 26th. In the second week of the LCK Summer, T1 said it had achieved 24 consecutive wins by defeating the Live Sandbox and Damwon Kia.

2022 T1, 2015 SK Telecom T1

T1, who won two consecutive wins in the opening of the summer, took the opportunity to make a record. The T1, who scored 18 games in the Spring Regular League, won the Guangdong Prix in the second round of the playoffs, and the Split Tradition, which had been unprecedented in LCK, while defeating Zenji in the finals. went.

On the second week, the T1, who faced the Live Sandbox on the 23rd, won 23 consecutive wins by winning 2-0 without any crisis. This is the predecessor of T1, SK Telecom T1, starting with seven consecutive victories in the Spring Regular League in 2015, and shoulders to shoulder with 23 consecutive wins that have been made after 14 consecutive wins after the opening of the summer.

The T1’s opponent who wrote a big record was Damwon Kia. Damwon Kia has been evaluated for its stabilization of power since the company’s opponent’s opponent’s opponent’s opponent’s opponent, and after recruiting the ‘raccoon’ Jang-gu ticket. In the confrontation with Damwon Kia on the 25th, the T1 hit the cross counter, but won the second half of the concentration and won 24 consecutive wins.

The T1, which broke the record of the predecessor SK Telecom T1 in seven years, was tied for first place in the summer ranking competition.

Zenji-DRX We are also ranked first

Zenji and DRX also ranked first with the T1, continuing four games since the opening of the summer.

Zenji continues to march with an amazing speed. Zenji, who had the shortest game time in the first week, continued to pace when he beat Damwon Kia and Freddit Brion in the second week. In the confrontation with Damwon Kia on the 22nd, Zenji won a two-to-one victory by choosing a unusual champion called Shinjidra by the supporter Rihenz. In the confrontation with Freddd Brion, Ari of ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon and ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon’s Akali played in the first and second sets, winning two sets in 53 minutes in two sets.

Zenji, who won four consecutive wins, was recorded as the shortest team of 10 teams. In this summer, Zenji’s average game time was 29 minutes and 47 seconds, which was less than 4 minutes shorter than 10 teams on average 34 minutes 6 seconds, and it was about 9 minutes different from Nongshim Red Force (38 minutes 17 seconds)..

The DRX, which was in the Spring Regular League semi-finals, is accumulating the multiplier by entering the summer and playing a stable play. On the 24th, the DRX against Hanwha Life E-Sports won a set but won a two-to-one win and won 4 consecutive wins with 2-0 on the 26th.

DRX is on the rise as the mid-liner ‘Jeka’ Kim Gun-woo melted into the team. Kim Gun-woo, who has been evaluated for the Spring’s line-up, is leading the team to win as the playmaking ability is improved. Thanks to the rising team contribution, Kim Gun-woo won 300 POG points and was ranked second in the second place.

‘Peanut’ 300 Win-‘Showmaker’ 2,000 Assists, etc.

In the second week of Summer, significant personal records were also poured out. Zenji won 300 wins (set based on set) in the 6th LCK in the process of defeating Fredhad Brion 2-0 on the 24th, while the mid-liner ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon recorded 1,300 kills.. Han Wang’s LCK 300 wins are ranked sixth in total, and Jung Ji-hoon became the 12th first 1,300 kill hero.

Although the team lost both matches, Damwon Kia’s mid-liner ‘Showmaker’ scars achieved 2,000 assists in total by adding nine assists in the match against Zenji on the 22nd.

In addition, DRX’s supporter ‘Berry’, Koh Kun-hee, won 200 wins, ‘Dove’ Kim Jae-yeon of ‘Live Sandbox’ Kim Jae-yeon, and T1’s long-distance dealer ‘Kuma Yushi’ Lee Min-hyung and 500 assists.