The action during Old Spice Game Aren Look for the greatest medals.

Top 20 Old Spice Game Arena 2022

Participate in the Old Spice Game Arena 2022

You can still register at the official competition site: Old Spice Arena and participate in the challenges. Remember that the first place will take an incredible Setup Gamer.

If you already registered you just have to access the challenges section to know what is the next test to overcome, perform the challenge on your computer or mobile device and send evidence on the same website.

This week the challenge is League of Legends where players can show those plays that create illusion when they go better than you expected, making it clear that participants can take very interesting awards.

Invocator, you will be tested to demonstrate that your talent in League of Legends is not just luck. The challenge will be to achieve a Pentakill (5 Kills-eliminations) in the crack modality of the invoker in qualifying modality (5V5)

Have your registration data at hand to log in to the website and be able to register all the challenges. Add points and prepare to find your name at the Top 20 of the Old Spice Game Arena 2022. You can participate in the League of Legends challenge from June 20 to 26

Visit Old Spice Game Arena 2022, register, demonstrate your skills and become a legend.