Despite the fact that RAFT is perceived as a rather peaceful game with its attractions associated with swimming in different islands and the study of some niche cities, it does not free from many enemies and bosses. Like many cruel bosses found on different dirty paths of large islands, screamers are a threat that you will often encounter. In this guide on the raft, we will consider what the tableter is and how to effectively kill it.


how to kill the tablet in RAFT

The tableter appears as a black-red bird, which is described as death from above. This is a bird that clearly does not want to do its own business and wants to catch you with its huge radius of attack. You can meet him in large islands and accidentally stumble upon him. This annoying bird carries a huge boulder between claws and throws it at you to inflict a huge damage to you, which will ultimately kill you.

As soon as this annoying bird aims at you, you will have to follow where it flies and what it does. The tableter usually picks up a boulder after you encounter it. And while he does it, to your happiness, he makes noise. He will pull about three times before, finally, he will catch the stone between the claws, and then fly directly to you to abandon it and inflict damage. Whenever this happens, run, saving your life, or attack this nasty bird.

Firstly, arm yourself with onions and spears to kill the screech and not get hurt. As soon as he approaches you with a stone, shoot right at it from the bow, and then shoot again when he turns out to be right above you. Whenever your blows fall on this bird, a cloud of feathers appears.

Another way to successfully deliver a blow to the scener is to run to a higher place. This will make the bird fly to you, giving you the opportunity to aim and hit it. In addition, use the sprint method when the boulder falls; This will move you to the side, which will facilitate evasion and damage.

In addition, you can also effectively use your spear using it when the tableter is on the ground to choose a st1. Although the chances that this enemy will select a stone next to you, less, you can still take the opportunity to run up to him and attack him.

Something that we recommend doing is to confuse the tableter and move it to a wider landscape to better find the movement of this bird. The presence between the trees can confuse to determine where this bird is located, which can cause you a lot of damage. On the other hand, if you move to another place with fewer obstacles, this bird will follow you and there, which will facilitate your attack.

In addition to the attack strategies, the best way to avoid the attack of the tablet is to hide behind a rock, in caves and inaccessible ledges. In addition, constant movement will also delay the fall of the boulder, which will give you time to deal with your attack strategy. And here it is. Following these strategies will facilitate the struggle with the tablet on the raft, and the constant attacks with onions and spear will ultimately kill.