Individual developer KAY YU (@kaynimatic) has released an unofficial fan game Holocure of the VTuber group Holo Live. Free release for PCs.

This work is a viewpoint-type action game influenced by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival, based on Holo Live. While defeating the enemies that rush in large quantities, we collect EXP to raise the level, acquire various abilities, and strengthen the characters.

There are 11 characters that can be used by Horo Live ENGLISH. From the start of the game, you can select Watson Amelia, Guru-Gura, Ichiina Hisu, Kotori Yu Kiara, and Mori Kariope.

Other IRYS, Kujukusa, Ceres Fauna, Auro Cronnie, Seven Poetry Mumei, and Hakos Bails can be unlocked in in-game gacha (in-game currency only) 。 In the future updates, members of Horo Live (Japan) and Holo Live Indonesia will be added.

The corresponding language is Japanese and English. It is produced according to the secondary creation guidelines of Holo Live, and there are no plans for cashing.

Holocure is being distributed for free on the game sale and distribution site ITCHIO.