Lost ARK has different collecting items that you can look for to get awards. One of these objects of collecting is called the hearts of giants . They look like precious stones and are described as the heart of a giant who fell empty during the war. These collecting items can be obtained in various ways, as indicated in collection items list. You can also use them to unlock various awards by visiting Island of wisdom and talking with Minerva .

The eleventh heart of the giant requires a lot of time and a little patience. To get it, you must achieve the maximum level of reputation for the task of uns thugs in the ground.

In this daily task, you need to defeat monsters on the island of azure wind for 15 days. Since it takes so much time to complete it, it is recommended to put this daily task in your daily life until you get the giant’s heart. These tasks can be performed only once a day.

When you get the heart of a giant, you do not need to choose it in your inventory or do something to tie it to your character to get it.

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