His extras were especially poor throughout a prolonged injury break in the service of the Roma: I began drinking after my training. After my innovative training, I got back at 2 p.m. and it began at 2:30 p.m. on. The club tops would have seen that and his track record endured a lot.

As soon as again talked regarding the alcohol troubles during his active career, previous Brazilian international Cicinho. To name a few things, he showed up at his clubs Real Madrid as well as AS Rome drunk throughout training.

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After his time at Genuine as well as Roma, Cicinho played for Villarreal and Sivasspor. In 2018, the 17-fold international finished his occupation, when he had long overcome his alcoholism.

If you ask me if I was ever drunk during real training, the response is: Yes, said Cicinho in theEPTV show Ressaca _. He healed his alcohol flag by consumed coffee and egged with fragrance.

With the aid of his better half, he reported this, he reported the Estado de Sao Paulo in 2020. Today he gives talks, aids those influenced and does prevention work.